Tuesday 19 November 2013


...drenched in low golden light...filtering through leaves...balancing on fading petals...deepening shadows...cooler air...clearer skies...dappled green...silhouettes...
I am walking around the garden a little slower...quiet, still beauty. Amber, plum, purple.
. Craning my neck. Tree canopy doilies. Lacey vapour.
 hydrangeas, rosehips and see through leaves...an invitation to swing
She slips quietly away and leaves me blue
 Give me a garden fading... it is glorious!


  1. I loved this and I took time to just soak it in and all the beauty. Thanks for the tranquil place today . LOVED IT

  2. What a beautiful way you have of capturing a moment. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you. The colours of autumn..

  3. I wrote a post not long ago titled, "oh, my!" Those were my thoughts as I wended my way through your post.

  4. You have captured the essence of the autumn garden beautifully.

  5. Such pretty light in your photos.

  6. Beautiful as ever.
    Amber and plum, gorgeous shades and pleasing words to say too, especially plum for some reason!
    Are you ready for Saturday night????
    Lisa x

  7. I love all the rich, yummy purple.

  8. Hello there ! Its lovely to meet you, my wonderful friend Viv from Hensteeth recommended you, and your site is lovely and inspiring, just a joy to see. I shall be adding you to my blog list so all can find you and enjoy . Have a great weekend xxx


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