Tuesday 20 August 2013

Late summer pickings

I am mad about flowers! Always have been. Besotted by tiny stars, mosses, grasses, berries, blousy blooms, spears, bulbs, twigs, leaves, acorns, fruits, seed pods. I am mad about pattern! Ditsy florals, large scale florals, block prints, birds, roses, polka. tartan. A dear blog world friend calls me "Sprig", spotting my signature Liberty Lawn habit early on in our acquaintance!

I have long admired the work of Parker Fitzgerald, Amy Merrick and Sarah Ryhanen .Oh! and most recently Erba Floral Studio .

This is my homage, the fruits of home, lovingly picked yesterday in the garden and jumbled into my favourite pewter jugs...
We are making hay while the sun shines! Literally ~ The Top field was cut yesterday, smells amazing, sweet and hoppy. I will take some photos when we have finished baling at the end of the week. The late summer light is beautiful and the days are still warm and long enough to sit outside and eat supper under the tree.

 Petsy insisted on wearing this rosette! 
You may recognise it from here. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with the lovely and very talented Sarah Moore and this was one of the things I made...Keep an eye on Sarah's blog and newsletter for dates of upcoming workshops.
Love "Sprig"


  1. More stunning visual delights of the kind you excel at.
    Enjoy those late summer evenings.
    Lisa x

  2. I love flowers, too! Your arrangements are lovely :)

  3. So very pretty, I'm a flower lover also.

  4. Beautiful flower arrangements.

    Leanne xx

  5. Me too, me too, me toooo!! =) I love flowers, too - the 'in the flesh' kind and the 'on-anything' kind!! (But, I think you knew that. ;) ) And that's one of the reasons that I love your blog and your pinterest board. =)

    And they hayed a couple of weeks ago, here. (The sneezing around here was ferocious!) The hill is lovely green already. Do they also use one of those balers that automatically spits the bale out the back and into the wagon?? Love that.... patooey!! =)

    Lovely arrangements! =)


  6. What a beautiful post, a feast for the eyes and wish I could smell the hay!

  7. Hi Sarah - so sorry it's been an age. I love your nickname & can just imagine you being affectionately called it.

    I love this time of year for blooms and even though the garden is looking a subtle brown over here the wild has a wonderful variety to offer...blackberries and thistles all entwined together.

    Nina x

  8. Beautiful Sassa
    Poppy is so like you in so many ways...
    She too is fascinated by mosses, lichens, poseys, sprigs, fronds. Every walk is twice and thrice the length with pondering the flowers, their scents, colours shapes. She has even taken to kissing them and there are tiny vases and arrangements in weeny cups and vessels in every corner and facet. Genetics, eh?
    Love Penelope

  9. A lovely floral post. I love late summer when the nights are still warm and the light draws in minute by minute each evening. Jx

  10. All so pretty. Flowers fascinate me too, especially the tiniest ones :)

  11. Your florals are fabulous! Just seen this post. So nice. Might even use them as inspiration for a new Floral Doodle. x


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