Sunday 14 July 2013

Time for a catch up?

Breakfast under the tree....warm breeze...the roses scenting the air...close my eyes and burn the negative into my memory...

~~~'s been too long....far, far too long. I have been aching to get back here. Been a bit off kilter, all for lovely reasons, you know, with only the real world as an excuse!
Far away brother visit, Magpie visit, photo shoot, party in the Cowshed, Hampton Court Flower Show, sheep droving, Seaside, fencing, party in the garden, tractor,Wimbledon, cricket, ironing (something had to give!)

And so to begin our catch up, here is the Cowshed all dolled up ready for the Waltons to arrive...

We had a brilliant, John-Boy, Jim-Bob, Mary-Ellen, Erin, Ben at al!
As the darkness fell we lit a fire and tea~lights...watched the flames dance...and so did we...
simple: confiture pots with waxine lights
*...I hope the dance lasts all summer long...

All the images here are mine with this exception * from Nathiya Prathnadi via Flickr


  1. This all looks so lovely, straight out of Country Living and beautiful weather as well, perrfeck

  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! =) So much love and fun and effort went into that table and that gathering I'm sure and I'm also sure that it was well worth it! Add loved ones - et, voila! Magic!! =)


    (Inspiring me to do something before the end... ;) )

  4. Anonymous14 July, 2013

    wow, that must have been a fantastic party! loved the flower designs all over. You have such a lovely lifestyle! thea

  5. The cowshed looks beautifully decorated! A feast for the eye!

  6. It sounds like you are having a busy and wonderful summer. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy!

  7. What a beautiful party venue you have created, so glad it was a huge success. It looks as if it took a lot of planning and attention to detail was amazing. x

  8. I bet you all had the most wonderful time, looks like you went to a lot of effort.

  9. The prettiest cowshed in existence.
    Lots of happy things have been keeping you busy by the sounds of it.
    Lisa x

  10. What a wonderful post, such gorgeous images what a wonderful occasion ~ Sarah x

  11. It's been 24 hours - chuckling about your 'ironing'! ;)


  12. Absolutely gorgeous, you did a wonderful job.

  13. I'll never look at a cowshed in the same way again....


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