Friday 26 July 2013

myriad of...

Overloaded Bike in Shanghai, China


I have discovered a new order to the spectrum

It goes like this: henna, marigold, saffron, aloe, lapis, indigo, orchid
Here I am an outlaw striding toward the outer reaches
of awe the edges of every colour. I wring out
each shade until laughing I invent new ones

There is something I have seen or only dreamed
In a sun hushed alley shifting beams of memory
Honey the shadowedstreet tatters of whispers
Dark and spice wafted the burnish of ancient wonder
Still gilds the arched pathway echoing now
With the tender hooves of a young goat

The universe diverges here. I go home
Remembering. I stay forever. I see.
What they have seen. They have tasted the spices
I hold in my mouth. In muted observance
In a palace built for a favourite queen
In the cheerful dishevelment of colour. I am.

Here the shade and sun love me equally
I fill a palm with green cardamom
I bend toward a heap of tea leaves
Crushing tangible memories between
My fingers releasing a rush of recollection
Rich as living. Always mine. Always mine.

poem found in Anthropologie catalogue, author unknown



I am dedicating this post to Polly...on your Birthday


  1. Anonymous26 July, 2013

    T*O*U*C*H*E*D!!! One day I will make it to India, I dream of the colours in the marketplaces...............Love you!! xx

  2. lovely wonderful and colorful post! like the poem its great!

  3. Stunning post ... wonderful images, colours to make the soul sing ~ Thank you ~ Sarah x

  4. I LO♥E India - and your post brings back so many memories as we were there during the Holi festival - so got covered in that beautiful powder.

    We travelled through Rajasthan afterwards and kept seeing old men with pink hair!

    Wonderful images - and happy birthday Polly
    fee x

  5. The colourful pictures here reminded me of my own trip to India many years ago when we visited places where cloth was dyed in big brightly coloured vats, and the laundries in Mumbai where the washerwomen and men get in with the laundry and have a jolly good scrub!

  6. What an incredible post, such wonderful imagery, and then there is the poem! Anthropologie is so inspirationalx

  7. 'In the cheerful dishevelment of colour. I am.'

    Love this post!

  8. Such wonderful images, so happy.

  9. Lovely colourful post and wonderful poem...x

  10. Very free and the way poetry should be. Anita

  11. Wonderful photos, wonderful poetry, wonderful words...


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