Sunday 10 March 2013


So it's Mother's Day! 
Seems to have come around quicker...time speeding up? 
So I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day...hope you have a delicious day.
A little hamster
This image triggered a memory, sent me rummaging around for a photo of Magpie and little brother Faraway from long ago...
ah! at last, here it is...
Aren't they gorgeous...a sweet moment between Mother and son, my brother touching Magpie's cheek so tenderly...

I recently stumbled upon this by Jonathan Carroll and it resonated, are you reading this Magpie? Sounds familiar...

"The two women at lunch~mother and daughter, obviously. The girl is beautiful, tall, eighteen or so. She can't sit still in her seat. She bounces around, tosses her hair, eats too fast, talks a mile a minute while looking all around just in case there is something interesting she hasn't seen yet. The mother is also beautiful, perhaps fifty, her eyes alone are a 500 page novel. Serene and smiling she is a total contrast to the young women sitting across the table. How happy she is to be here with her daughter, how proud. Not many years ago this is the same child who frequently tried every bit of patience she had. The difficult student, the one with dyslexia or ADHD, or just wildly impatient about anything that didn't interest her. But now look at her~this wonder, this young woman who is moving away too quickly out of my life and into her own. She has already set sail and I can only watch. But today she is generous enough to have lunch with Mum and talk about things that matter with her first, her greatest pal. She doesn't even know it is a gift. But Mum does."

I know it now Magpie, love you.
Happy Mother's Day


  1. Oh what a nice post and 2 lovely pics,Happy mothers day to

  2. As I sat in John Lewis yesterday with my 17yr old daughter I could perhaps have been the lady in your lovely John Carroll scenario. (Just not quite 50 yet!). Happy Mothers Day to all.

  3. What a lovely post. It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Nice to see you back, your post made me cry but in a good way. It is only when we become a mother that we appreciate our own. My daughter is to become a mother herself in 5 weeks, no-one can tell you what that means or how if feels. Happy Mother's Day x

  5. Thats a wonderful picture - that matching handbag and shoes are wonderful!

    Happy Mothers Day to you xx

  6. Hi Sarah Jane

    Gosh your mother looks dead gorgeous.

    Those blue heels are stunner.


  7. What a great photo of mother and son!

    I clicked on the Jonathan Carroll link and was taken to a piece about transplanting pubic hair onto men's scalps. It really made me laugh but I couldn't understand why it would mean so much to your mother!


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