Sunday 17 March 2013

Drinking in the morning sun...

Woken by streamers of golden sunlight dancing across the bedroom floor....stencilled beautifully onto the carpet, cut from the gaps in the hastily pulled, make-do-and-mend curtains.
bright and pure...quickly to the top of the stairs to gaze out at The Tree...then across the garden to the fields. My heart begins to beat faster, oh sunshine, how I've missed you...I hadn't realised until this very moment just how much.
Grab assortment of clothing, pulling on socks...Boodle senses outdoor shenanigans, gives me the hurry up! Outside it's bright! The light! We head for the gate nearest the back door, looking back,  the house is still asleep, all the curtains shut. We push on...
The last snow fall was powdery and dry...a mixture of persil and finest caster sugar. 
The shadows are pink and blue. 
We walk around to the Cowshed, the end wall has just been illuminated by sunlight. 
The sun is still climbing, rising from behind the tallest trees in the woods, shadows are long.
 Into the woods then..."Morning" singing, ringing tree...we always take a little detour to see her. A gentle touch on her huge heavy limbs...this morning Jack has dressed her beautifully in a restrained dusting of  snow.
A steep incline and we emerge onto a Lane that is opposite our own. There is one spot, where, in the winter, when the hedges are cut you can just make out The Lane.
Above the ballet dancing shadow, to the right a little, is a white rectangle floating in the treeline...that's home
Time to head back for a cuppa, to shake the house we walk, I hum  made up tunes and Boodle truffles through the last remaining drifts...It's good to get your insides singing again.
Dickens on march
I sat outside with my cup of tea and drank....


  1. cant believe it, snow in March!, ali

  2. Sitting outside, such a treat!
    Lisa x

  3. Sitting outside........Our garden is like a mire, squelchy and horrible. Hope we have lots more sunshine!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Lovely...Still cold and raining here!!
    Cass x

  5. the cold is just starting here... and i can't wait!

  6. How lovely the sunshine just makes you feel better because it is shining. Sun and snow a perfect combination. You do live in such a lovely part of the world Sarah x

  7. Hello Sarah
    So happy I found your blog. You write with such joy about the wonders of nature around you. I thought just the same this morning when I first cast eyes on the sunshine. I sat and had a cup of tea watching my chickens eat their breakfast in the sun - happy days.

    I feel blessed every day that we live iin the countryside. It makes you appreciated that the best things in life are free.

    Take care

    Love Portia xxx

  8. Such lovely photos, looks like you had a good time.

  9. Your enthusiasm is infectious - just love the photographs....

  10. Oh to sit out in the sun! Even in the snow!

  11. Yes! Perfect! Sunshine gets your inside singing again!

  12. Yes!

    Oh, one of those moments when one is so aware of being alive!

    I'm not sure if I've been alive or not - all winter long, I've been unwilling to pinch myself with the brace of cold air. =/ But, even though it looks like winter, I know that spring is really here! =]

    another...xxo =]


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