Friday, 21 September 2012

Drinking in the morning sun...the last shadow puppets...

It follows that after long absence the heart grows fonder. My heart is, therefore, brimming with JOY...soon to ache, but not yet, not today.
Three weeks with the "Faraways"! Yes ~ at last here at the Lane and there, in Devon. 
Devon, land of milk and honey...home to the Magpie and my forefathers.
(Brixham fishermen no less!)
Perhaps it's my imagination but the whole time has been bathed in the loveliest autumnal glow, as though the embellishment my memory will give these golden days is real! Except it is even lovelier than I could have ever dreamed...

The light has been the thing...shadows dancing, detailed silhouettes so eloquent and subtle.
We have spent a fair few hours in the company of the 10th and 11th Doctors, along with Rose, Donna and Amy. 
Much intrigue...Sonic scewdriver scans confirming our suspicions of alien life forms and other mysteries...
we have climbed and explored until the daylight beat us...
and the shadows and the footprints disappear until morning...
 And so I have been soaking up the sparkles ~ taking in the tiniest details, holding my breath to catch the moment. 
Marvelling at the "Littles", they find the magic in everything, and I hold on to their coat tails grinning with them at each new wonderment knowing soon these memories will be like quicksilver running through my fingers... the deserts miss the rain...



  1. You write beautifully. x

  2. Happy times, gorgeous Autumn and 'oh my'...the Doctor.

    Here's to beautiful times ahead....and cold chilly snuggled up nights - bbbrrrrr.

    Nina x

  3. I glad our had such a lovely time with far aways, lovely photos.

  4. What a wonderful time you have been having. And there is nothing better than a bit of Dalek hunting too!
    Lisa x

  5. The light has been, and is today, utterly magical I agree. Full on golden. Your memories of this visit will be wonderfully precious I am sure.

  6. A gorgeous collection of photos. Especially love the first one, and how you've altered it.

  7. Hello, lovely! We call our kids 'the littles' too :) Your photos are gorgeous - the weather has been glorious!!

    We would love, love you to join us for Blogger's Tea. If you would like to email me, I can give you an update I think we have a great group of women coming :)

    Have a great day!! XOL

  8. We have just returned from Devon too part of my heart always remains in Devon. Some of my ancestors were Brixham fishermen too I sometimes wonder whether the love of Devon is in my blood!

  9. Just been catching up with your lovely blog. Your writing is captivating and beautiful images too. M x

  10. I'm catching up as I too have just returned from Devon! I've been to Dawlish, Torquay and Paignton.

  11. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful visit!

    Your writing is so beautiful! The 'lonely day' of your last post, a restless sigh.



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