Wednesday 26 September 2012


I am someone who likes it when the weather reflects my mood.
When Boodle and I strode out early this morning I was longing to feel the icy cool rain drops running down my face...very suitable. They've gone you see?
I walked straight into it, the rain. Magpie gave me her love-worn old Barbour, a full length one, she said I needed it more than her...(Always right!) As I walked I caught sight of myself and wondered where she ended and I started...hard to tell.
Very weird here without...the rooms seem strangely unpopulated.
Also very suitable that the roses in their bedroom have dropped and shed almost all their petals.
I keep finding myself standing alone in an empty room and feeling rather startled by it!
silence I become without you; words I don't say
filling up my throat.
 ...meanwhile in the kitchen...jolly flowers and berries shoved in a bucket and my new Cath Kidston camera strap...
 Mr Lane says we are safe up here on our hill...from the lashing of the elements. Like Noah and co.
 I am waiting for him to come home so that he can tell me again...



  1. Oh Sarah Jane, I feel for you in your quiet house. The flip side of love is the feeling of loss when loved ones leave isn't it? I bet you have a feast of fabulous memories from the last wee while though? In the suddenly too quiet moments I try to tell myself I am lucky to have people I care so very much about in my life, but there doesn't seem any getting away from the fact that, blimey, it does make the heartstrings sore! a 'virtual' hug, Bxx

    tis a most beautiful house, if a bit quiet just now.

  2. Such a beautiful room though.

    I know how you feel - we are up on the hill and a little further back, not directly on the seafront. But I do wonder about the land that lays under our feet and all that chalk (and smuggler caves - gardens have been know to disappear) soaking in all the rainfall up like a sponge.

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. Such beauty around you~~~your home is so charming and welcoming! Yes, I know what it's like to have quiet around but I've learned to embrace it! Whatever or wherever GOD has for me~~~~Blessings~~~From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  4. Sarah-jane, in one of your photos you have a picture of a girl with the background of a harbour - I used to own that picture or at least one exactly the same! I bought it about 20 years ago from a little junk shop in Littlehampton and had it for many years because it reminded me of my youngest daughter! The funny thing is that I cannot remember what happened to it - maybe that is it!!

    1. wow! How extraordinary ~ I found her in a junk shop Westerham...perhaps?

  5. Sounds like you are missing your family, you will have to start planning their next trip.

  6. Time passes so quickly, I have collages of photographs in our kitchen and I often find myself staring at them and wondering how my daughter grew up so quickly. Our house used to be a hive of activity, lots of teenagers coming and going, parties, sleep-overs, happy happy memories to treasure in times of sadness. jayne x

  7. I think a cup of tea in London will help fill the void :) Your house would be friends with my house - such a fun, meaningful eclectic collection :) Hoping to see you next week! XOL

  8. What a sweet post. Hoping you're feeling a bit better today. So glad you have such wonderful memories to look back on.

  9. Eeeek, are you coming to the bloggers' tea thingy? Would love to meet you properly - crossing fingers you can make it! Bxx

  10. Of all the things in this lovely post, the last sentence tugged my heart-strings the most.


  11. You were meant to find that hidden way box. Lovely post.


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