Wednesday 1 February 2012

White Rabbits

 Pinch and a punch...for the first in the month!

aaaarghhhhh I forgot to say it this morning


 I am thinking I should have a picnic as my forfeit!

image via

Perhaps not, it is tooth achingly cold outside...
Welcome February

collage created using Images via:
Rabbit print on vintage dictionary page by 1963 vintagelane
Rabbit lace from Brick House fabrics
Vintage postcard "children dressed as rabbits" Hollywood Gorilla Men flckr stream



  1. Oh I do love bunnies, happy february to you!! Lucey x

  2. Not sure if wishing you a happy February isn't an oxymoron, but here goes; happy February!

  3. Love these bunny pictures!! So cute!!

  4. perhaps a picnic in the burrow until it warms up!

  5. Great images! I must try to remember to do something similar on 1st March - I have a nice little felt white rabbit that could be the star of the show!

  6. Happy February! Looks like it's going to be a very cold month.
    Have a great weekend and keep warm! :0)

  7. love the bunny photo! Have just been down to my chickens and it is definitely not picnic weather today! :-)

  8. "White rabbit"????????? What's this? Am I supposed to say it, too? Is this a British thing or am I missing the secret to life (oh, no!)?

    Yes, and that cute.fluffy.white.bunnyrabbit....we know all about their sharp pointy teeth, now, don't we?! Look at the way that one is innocently peering out of the frame so sweetly! Mine was just looking adorably at me, too - big bunny eyes and all and telepathically telling me to 'open the door'. Should I risk it, do you think? Most definitely, yes, of course. Even though my bun has a seedy five o clock shadow - he's a charming, sweetheart of a fellow as are all of those wascally wabbits!

    Hmmm, I wonder if my sugar is off or something. heh, heh. Maybe, I've just kicked into overdrive because I love those rabbits and am happy to be here!

    I'll just stop now. ahem.



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