Friday 17 February 2012


Since I saw you last?
A dollop of snow, a dose of influenza and a dowager granny visit....
On the first morning of the big snow-fall I opened the window onto a very hushed orchard...I have been consciously photographing the NEW Lane every season to capture the changes and record our new home in all her guises. 
I thought it would be fun to show some of them now, as the contrast is so amazing...
..and then the influenza gripped me and I disappeared into a haze of paracetamol and hot water bottles. Snowed in and alone as Mr.Lane was stuck in Manchester...dreams of the rainbow drops...and some dedicated nursing by the Boodle...
Then Granny came, accompanied by Magpie and Mr.Fox, this was very very special. A chance to pay back an amazing lady for all the hundreds of kindnesses shown me throughout childhood and beyond.
(you can read a little bit more about my Granny here)

And now quiet, as the sun begins to set I remember I wanted to show you the crocus on the drive.

Have a wonderful weekend, 
I have missed you and am off to catch up on all the goings on in your worlds.


  1. i love the change in the seasons you have showed!
    isnt your house and land a dream- oh my! so beautiful...x

    1. Thank you Country Rabbit, I am so glad I started taking all those photos from the same spot! -x-

  2. Magical, Beautiful, Quiet Wonderland
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Your photos are so beautiful, I don't enjoy the cold but we are so lucky to have the changing seasons and can appreciate the beauty of each one.
    Sorry you have been ill how wonderful for your Granny to come and look after you.
    Sarah X

  4. Beautiful photos of your home and garden! Truly stunning!

  5. I'm all teary eyed....your home is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you! =]

    not happy for that nasty flu, though, but it looks like everything's moving along nicely and it's left you?

    and crocuses? I thought that I might just tout how we're having quite the early spring, here. I was saving that windy video for a windy day in March and was JUST thinking that today might, actually, be the day - spring is THAT early. but, you have something growing and we're still completely brown, here. Well, I'm not joking when I say that you photo of crocuses gives me hope that they do really still exist!

    Take care of yourself, then!

    Katy xo

  6. Your photos are beautiful, it's such a lovely idea to view the same spot over different seasons. They would look lovely framed.
    Sorry to hear you have been a poorly girl though, hope the magic chocolate helped!
    Lisa x

  7. I do hope you are all better now. Look at all that lovely snow, the photos are amazing great to see the difference.

  8. Gosh - that is a change Sarah, but both are just as there different ways though I'm sorry to hear you were ill during all the white stuff as the only thing I would say missing from your pictures is a jolly old snowman.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend.

    Nina xxxxx

  9. hello sarah x beautiful photo's of your really beatiful home :) lovely idea capturing the changing seasons. hope you're feeling much better now, glad to see cute mr boodle checking on you hehe xxx

  10. the photos are fabulous!
    I hope the flu has left you and you are staying warm.
    the light has changed here and autumn is on its way, hazy pretty light.
    I'm sure we will still have boiling weather but I am longing for autumn and winter....

  11. I love you house, gorgeous piccies. Come back snow.....

    Hope you are feeling much better. Sam x

  12. Soffy to hear about being sick, bit it looks like you were cuddled back to health by the Boodle...
    what glossy fur!!

  13. You are blessed with a beautiful home, and clearly a good nurse in Boodle x

  14. wonderful pictures - clever girl you!
    Hope you are feeling much better now - and wishing you a happy new week. We could have done with that snow for our recent hols - we packed the sledge and everything!
    fee x

  15. Lovely photos, I've had the lurgey too, it makes you appreciate everything afterwards though - food, smells and even the weak rays of sun trying to get through, roll on spring!

  16. Hi Sarah,

    My, my my, you are living in a fairy tale!

    Breathtaking. I sooo want to come and live there.
    Glad to see we are not the only household with a dog on the bed!


  17. Hope you are feeling much better...and your images are the idea of comparing. We only had a week or so of the white fluffy stuff this year but got 3 snowdays off school. Hugs to you for a great week.

  18. Hi Sarah, hope you are feeling much better now..your photos are beautiful, what a contrast with the snow, magical...yes spring is on it's way...I think! Have a lovely week. Sharon

  19. I love the contrast between the Summer photos and when everything's covered in snow!

  20. What truly magical pictures,and your house and!
    Hope you've recovered now and can get out and enjoy the first glimpses of Spring. :0)


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