Tuesday 25 October 2011

Stitched up

I have been bitten. 
It all started when Lynn at Sea Angels posted about a wonderful day spent at Jessie Chorley's embroidered story book workshop. As you know off I went - a novice, non-sewing lamb to the seamstress.

And then it happened - the bite I mean.
 Ever since I started my piece (snort! I could think of other names for my effort but as we are in polite society I shall refrain from using them!) I have been swept away with a tide of fulfilment and joy! I may not be very good but there is something marvelous about sitting down on Sunday afternoon and picking up some sewing!

I have long admired Caroline Zoob's exquisite embroidery and viewed it as so amazing I could never possibly aspire to achieve anything so gorgeous. I used to squirrel my pennies and visit Housepoints just off Northcote Road back in the London days.
Then I started to realise that I love applique! Isn't this header by wonderful?

And during my Etsy travels I discovered Funkyjunky Art
I am a real sucker for lovewarn fabrics and old books and fabrics

 Of course I know that many of you were already more than switched on to all this stitchery pokery, yes I am thinking of the lovely Viv at Hen's Teeth! But I am a very slow starter!

I have been discovering a whole new hidden world.
Wonderful Liberty fabrics displayed in embroidery hoops, genius and the wonderful work of Rosemary Milner LOVE IT!

 So anyway, no more delaying tactics - I hear you 
"Come on Lane girl - show us what you did!"

 A few footnotes : 
The background fabric is the fabric from my roman blinds in the Old Lane.
The window fabric is the satin from the bodice of my wedding dress
 (off-cuts! No I didn't cut up my wedding dress!)
The chimney fabric is a scrap of daisy chain from our kitchen when I was a child
The bunting includes some remnants from Mr.Lane's old shirts
The lace belonged to Ganny (Mr.Lane's Granny.)
I wrote the words from the poem Take the Long Road, the long road home onto paper and used them as my template for the bunting. They will never be seen but I will know they are there.

You get the idea - it all means something to me. So no matter how wobbly and unsure those stitches I smile at each scrap of fabric and all that they contain.
Still got loads to do but you get the idea?


  1. Lovely photos. I love what you've made

  2. Well done, welcome to the world of happy stitchers.
    Happy Stitching!

  3. I am so glad you've discovered the magic of stitching - its a joy, I especially love stitching by hand.
    Your collections of fabrics, threads, buttons etc will grow and grow and grow.
    I love what you've made.
    I'm sitting making my Christmas cards, got to get the ones for England done before I come over early next month.


  4. Wowza SJ, how beautiful, and I love that it is made from different fabrics all meaningful to you, really precious! I got into hand stitching when I was pregnant, did a sampler for my baby-to-be and then never had time again - my subsequent 3 still moan that I never did samplers for them! I love the idea of using their baby clothes to make cushions or stitchery of some kind. My needles and I are totally rusty, but you and the chorley gig are making me twitchy to start again!

  5. Oh my, this takes my breath away. What a wonderful keepsake. I am not too handy but I think you have now given me something that I can try simply because it does not have to be perfect.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Well done, you did a beautiful job.

  7. Gorgeous Sarah and thank you for the mention...so glad you are hooked, I think our day will be so much fun. Have you received your materials list...I think I will have the lunch too it seems good value.... that also means I won't loose too much time sewing ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  8. SArah,

    I too have been bitten..

    move over knitting!
    I am off to check out your lovely links. Hey thanks for your kind words - I Do know, that my own lad was very much in pain before I realized it and put him on his meds for sore joints...
    that dogs hide their pain because they love you, so maybe your little one is hurting but he is too brave to tell you.
    Go check your fur baby out.

  9. It looks like you have been having lots of fun of late, just love your stiching and all the more because it means something ti you.

  10. Oh look at that lovely work of crafty art! Just so pretty and all those special pieces in it too. Well done you.
    Lisa x

  11. I love your "piece" of stitchery. I would have never guessed you are a novice. You're so right about that wonderfully satisfying feeling of sitting down with a bit of hand-stitching. Add a cup of tea, an old movie and a warm dog and I might never get off my sofa.

  12. Sarah it is beautiful and the pieces that went into it are just as romantic as the love and effort you devoted in the making.

    I think it is truly wonderful and right up your.......lane.

    Nina x

    ps. I'm on the mend - for sure - thank you for asking. Lots of brandy and bed rest definitely helped though I'm not too sure which came first! N x

  13. Such beautiful charming embroideries! Love them all, and yours is just perfection!

  14. Your sewing exploits are looking fabulous, you are obviously enjoying yourself :-)

  15. Hello my Liberty Lawn Flower. It gives me great pleasure to read that you have been pricked by the Embroidery Fairy's needle. What a beautful piece you have created and you are a true inspiration. Thank you for the kind mention...I look forward very much to seeing more.

  16. Housepoints - there's a trip down memory lane if ever there was one. I have spent many a moment looking longingly in through the window at CZ's wonderful wares.

    Mrs Lane, your stitching is beautiful, and I love the sentimentality behind each of the different parts. You have created a true heirloom piece I believe!

    Thanks for the lovely links too !
    Kate x

  17. What a great creation. I do some embroidery and I have some scraps of old fabric that all mean something special but I had never thought of doing something like that. I was thinking of making a patchwork cushion but now i'm having a re-think.

  18. You lovely lady. How superb dearest one. Seeing all this love, patience and excitement in your work has almost reduced me to tears. Keep it going dear one. Even Annie would be proud. Love PenSIL

  19. Oh my goodness...pure joy my friend..love your sweet work..I soooo want to make happy things like that! Sigh...off to follow some of the links. xoxoxo Happy creating...hugs

  20. Love visiting here. I am your newest follower. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  21. amazing - feeling your love fizz off the page! I share this love but daren't let myself get sucked in as I have more than enough projects on the go (not to mention the oncoming chritmas rush at chipper nelly!)
    it's all stored up there in a teeny tiny space in my head - just waiting for the right day...fee x

  22. Wow well done you! Its lovely, so pretty and beacuse of what you made it from it will be extra sprecial to you.
    Love the Craoline Zoob work too, and thanks for sharing about Funky monkey - great stuff!
    Gill xx

  23. Whoops, of course I meant Caroline and funkyjunky - i really should read back first!
    Gill xx


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