Saturday, 15 October 2011

Change in the air

image from Toast
 Can you feel it too? It is distinctly chilly this morning - bright and crisp. I like it, my nose twitches like Boodle's, I slant my cheek to feel the sun's warmth through the window. This is the moment I long for that Toast dressing gown to drape around me and belt tight.

I have been pondering my composition and colour palette ( see my previous post "Good Gourd".) I remembered these fantastically composed still life images from an old Anthropologie catalogue.They are stand out! the blue velvet ribbon, the textured sack-cloth, yes! I am inspired to continue.
 previous images all Anthropologie
 Hmm, and so this weekend shall be a kitchen table crafts weekend - some more painting and a sewing project started at Jessie Chorley's workshop to be finnished.
I am also craving a slice of gingerbread loaf and a hot frothy, milky coffee.

Whatever you are up to have a brilliant weekend.
Sarah xXx


  1. gingerbread with lashings of butter??
    yes please!
    but may I have a large mug of tea to go with it?
    thank you

  2. Autumnal days make me think of home baking as well. Gingerbread sounds yummy x

  3. Hello my little Autumnal mellow fruitfullness. As always a delight and visual feast to visit here. LOVE your artwork, truly gorgeous. x

  4. Now I need a hot frothy milky coffee!

  5. Gingerbread and crafting, sounds good to me!
    Loved seeing your work on the previous post, you are a very talented Mrs Lane.
    Lisa x

  6. me too.... Toast dressing gown please or Brora cashmere...not fussed see you soon.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  7. Hi dear,

    Loved all this. Love Anthropologie's fresh ideas too.

    Sending love across the pond,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  8. Joy x all these catalogues...we get them too. I have never ordered from Toast but I am soooo tempted. I love their style. xoxoo
    Stay cozy warm my friend. xoxoxooox

  9. Hmmm...gingerbread. Have you ever been to Eastbourne and had tea at the Hydro Hotel? There are fancier and more expensive hotels there but the teacakes (and all the desserts) are heavenly!

  10. Autumn is the best time isnt it! Loved your last few posts, so colourful and very inspiring!


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