Thursday 21 July 2011

Craft warming

Imagine my delight when presented with this very special box by my beautiful God~daughter "Katkin"

(I love the colour ORANGE, we must discuss this more another time. Orange when paired with pink or teal or purple is divine, it is a happy, happy hue! Sorry, yes.....another time.)

Such a brilliant thing to open up a box.....

What or who is inside?

Meet Mr and Mrs Bunnington-Lane
Aren't they gorgeous? Crocheted (is that a verb?) by Rabbit, Katkin's Mummy - I LOVE THEM!

Seriously lovely heart warming house warming craft with heart x
Oh and courtesy of Del some rather better shots of the barn all decked out for the barbecue!

Hope you are having a lovely week? Off to check in on what's going on out there in Blogland,

Love Sarah xXx

PS Did you notice the cool crochet dishcloths used as bedding? So brilliant!


  1. So cute, I also love the way you do your photos.

  2. Oh I love those sweet little bunnies and their dishcloth blanket! Such a thoughtful gift! The barn looks amazing!
    Rachel x

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. Just love them so cute.

    The barn looks fantastic!

    MBB x

  4. What a wondefully kind gift.
    Lisa x

  5. Everything is so adorable...what a sweet gift. xoxo Hugs.

  6. Hello, helloooooo - how did the gardening go.......or not?!

    I just wish I looked cool in dungarees!

    I'm still bowled over you have a barn. I hope there will be many a shindig? Oooohhhhh - vintage cream teas.

    Nina xxxxx

  7. They are just too cute for words!


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