Tuesday, 12 July 2011

As promised......

.....I saw a ripe blackberry today.....I must write that down somewhere......sorry, mind wandering!

Here, as promised is my RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court debrief.

This year the theme was Alice in Wonderland, loved it - especially in the rose marquee. Anyway if you have a moment why not join me in a wander around.....

This hut is by Court and Hunt in Sandwich, Kent. It is definitely at the top of my "Most Wanted"!

Now to the Country Living Marquee ~ Always a highlight! This year proved to be no exception.
This year my absolute favourite find was Butterfly Blue . Purveyor of brilliant belts, buckles, Liberty print scarves/belts/sashes.

I fell in love with their Ribbon belts, check them out here alternatively you can see me modelling one badly below (sorry Justine!)

So fantastic, the prints are all really amazing Tana Lawn, as you can imagine I was a bit dumbstruck and dithered quite a lot! Now I am lusting after a Liberty belt buckle as well as a scarf belt .

Next, such a moment of serendipity! As I was walking through the centre of the marquee I spied the main Country Living area and displayed on the desk were some lovely fabric covered notebooks by Sophie Azimont. ( You will find her notebooks at Made in Hastings.). I let out a tiny gasp - and squinted my way towards said notebooks. The girls on the desk must have thought me quite odd. I reached out my hand and picked up one of the books, and yes it was......covered in fabric from Jonelle, circa 1970. You may remember my sepia seventies post and recall my penchant for the fabrics from my childhood. Here in my hand, a notebook covered in the fabric that adorned my parents bedroom back then, the fabric I saved from the charity shop, the curtains I recently nostalgically hung at the window of one of the bedrooms here Down the Lane!

My final treasure is a lovely tunic by Gabriella Knight , once again in Tana Lawn. Imagine my smile, when flicking through, YES Country Living on Saturday in their lovely fashion shoot the very same tunic in a different fabric!

Here you can see "notebook "and original Lane Furnishings reunited!

Such a lovely day, thanks for joining me x


  1. I love this post! I love all of the photos, the gardens, the fabris, the sources for Liberty belts, and the notebook with your vintage fabric! What a delight!

  2. Thank you for the guided tour, I used to go to the show at Tatton Park when I lived in the uK.
    I'm off to bed now so will go to sleep with your lovely photos in my head.
    I'll check up tomorrow on the belts etc.

    Goodnight, sleep tight .

    Diane. x

  3. oh! those english summer roses!
    and Tana Lawn, how I love Tana Lawn!
    and the curtains look fabulous!
    hope you and the misters are settling in, making the house a home
    pen xxxx

  4. Thanks for the photos of the gardens. I went to a hampton court 2 years ago and hopefully one day will get to perch hill. Made it to river cottage.

    Regards Jude in Melbourne

  5. Thanks for sharing all your photos. I love that big ball of flowers and butterflies!
    Well done on your purchases.
    Will be back to admire the flowers some more later.
    Lisa x

  6. What an absolute visual feast, what a great post, it really gave a flavour of the show. I went a few years ago and your post has encouraged me to mark my next years calender and try to visit again. Thanks for sharing x

  7. What very pretty photos, looks like a great day.

  8. Such a beautiful post Sarah and loads of flowery goodness.

    I'm off to Sandwich in a couple of weeks time - she says as if it's a million miles away!! - I must check out that hut.

    Nina x

  9. Kay Guest15 July, 2011

    Hello Sarah!
    Kay here (you know, the one who loves Bateman's! ) Thank you so much for these photos of the Hampton Court Flower Show! Please, post ANY photos of ANY English garden and it will make me happy! Also, on the theme of Alice in Wonderland, may I just mention one thing to you? In Eastbourne, there is the most wonderful hotel called "The Hydro Hotel" and if you step outside the back, there is what appears to me, as if it is THE croquet lawn from Alice In Wonderland and when I was there I expected the Queen to appear at any moment, saying "Off with head, off with her head!". I was very pleased to discover that Lewis Carroll DID spend time in Eastbourne, could this place been the inspiration? Go visit the Hydro, if you get the chance. (And hey, I am sending you this from the USA, my inlaws live in Eastbourne, so that is why I know it. ;-) Kay

  10. Great photos!
    I couldn't get a comment on your last post, but your new place looks gorgeous. You have such lovely views too.

  11. What a lovely blog. I stumbled onto you via Eli in Flutterby patch. Thank you for sharing these photos. One day I will get there - so much more civilised than Chelsea! Best wishes, Carol


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