Friday 5 February 2010


It seems to me that books really are the most wonderful things!

They not only transport us to wonderful places but as objects in their own right they have such beauty and character.
I love old books.

I love to while away an hour or so in a second hand bookshop, discovering beautiful books that have already had several lives of their own who knows where.

They smell interesting and old!

The bindings and paper are worn and crumpled and loved, they seem to be alive.
Some of the best presents I have given and received have been second hand books carefully chosen with a great deal of care and thought.

And, to my delight it seems hard back, cloth bound books are once again becoming fashionable, I am so glad to see this. real time and effort has gone into the design and materials as well as the type face and paper used.

These beauties are Penguin Classics

Simply lovely clothbound books!

And my current favourites are published by White's
Have a little decko at Jane Eyre with a cover designed by Celia Birtwell

So collectable and wonderful presents.

And then my heart goes all fluttery when I think of the amazing work of Su Blackwell who creates magic from old books, check out her work here

Oh, and I found this rather clever book mobile too!
I like to spend time in Much Ado Books in Alfriston, brilliant, go there if you are ever in Sussex!
They sell old and new books in a wonderful shop, I was offered home made lavender shortbread last time I was there, yum!
And I found this old copy of "The Weekend Book"

So beautifully designed, it was published in 1955 but looks so relevant don't you think?

I had a lovely reminisce over at Pip's this morning, check out the lovely Narnia covers, brought back lovely memories for me.
So if the weather is naughty this weekend I intend to console myself by burying myself in a lovely old book!
P.S I just remembered Deckle Edged those of you familiar with Viv at Hensteeth will already know about her clever sister who is also a book and paper cut artist. Her website is also well worth a visit.
P.P.S Heather, you are lovely! Thank you, thank you for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award, I am really thrilled, mostly because I hope lots of new readers discover your gorgeous blog
Pip Pip x


  1. I love old books, and especially those beautiful cloth and patterned covers. That mobile is fantastic, talk about starting a love of books when they are little.

  2. Beautiful books. You are so right, they do look like they have had several lives.

    How interesting the book art is. I love the book cut into a garden And the book mobile is clever and awesome!!

    Love your collection. I am off to visit some of the sites you linked! :-)


  3. Gorgeous books, loving the penguin cloth bound ones - such fab colours. Would need to purchase a whole row of them though. Is it me or do all old books smell the same? Don't get me wrong, it's a good smell. Have a lovely weekend, Kate x

  4. Sarah Jane...lovely, lovely post. Just beautiful in every way and thank you so much for mentioning Mel's web site.

  5. ps: will you be visiting Homespun Easter Monday?

  6. I love those Penguin Classic covers ... it would be tempting to replace all my old classics with these beautiful books ... but then where would I put them all? Our bookshelves are already groaning and books are taking over every room in our house! Have a lovely weekend Kathy xxx

  7. I join you in your love for old books. You've certainly captured some beauty in these photos! I'll return here when I have more time to see what OTHER interests we may share!


  9. oh my..I agree. We were just at the bookstore about an hour ago and we were looking at those lovely covered books..the Penguin classics. I want them so lovely. Hapy happy weekend sweet friend.

  10. Oh I do love this post because I can't imagine ever being without books, vintage or new. I'm just not interested in all the digital/computer books that are out now. There is just something about the smell, the pages and feeling of a real book. Besides, you can't "press" leaves and flowers in a computer book!

  11. can while away hours in an old boookshop!You never know what you might find!
    I know that one in Alfriston...and there is a very good one in Holt in Norfolk,which I make a beeline for when we're on holiday there.
    Love those books you have featured on your post.

    Bellaboo :)

  12. What a wonderful post. Found you thru Rose Tree Cottage...looking forward to reading more. Beautiful blog!

  13. the penguin classics are lovely aren't they! they'd brighten up any bookshelf :0)
    i think my favorite one has to be the book with wild flowers bursting out through the pages - beautiful!

    wishing you a wonderful weekend x han x

  14. I love , love love books! I wish I could own the pop up one, it is sheer heaven! suzie xxx

  15. I love "proper" old books too - the paper & the covers are always so lovely.


  16. I love books too. There is something wonderfully tangible about a books history.

    Who's hands have held it? Where has it been? Who else has delved into its pages?

    I have a cloth bound Pride and Prejudice. It sits on the shelf looking regal, too lovely to open. My dog eared paper back however is very well travelled.


  17. Ooh lovely, lovely books. They seldom make them like they used to, do they?
    I really treasure my childhood story books - they are mostly older than me as I have 2 much older sisters - being the youngest meant I got to keep them!

  18. I couldn't agree more SJ..I definitely have a fetish for books, clean crisp pages and the smell of a freshly baked book!
    I worked as an antiquarian bookbinder for 10 years and handled some amazing old tomes..each one had it's own character and stories to tell..
    Can never have too many books..they hold such treasure.

    Love to you and the usual grovelling apologies for my blogging absence.
    Michele x

  19. Another lovely post!
    I shall keep my eyes peeled for another one of those CK bags on my travels round the jumbles and the charity shops. If I see one I'll get it!
    Lisa x

  20. I always make a beeline for the bookshelves in my local charity shops

    Victoria xx

  21. I just showed my hubby your post...he's as charmed as I am! Oh how we love've got me thinking...maybe I can make some kind of a book mobile for my new sewing room...hmmmmm

    hope you are having a lovely weekend
    xo Jennifer

  22. I totally agree about the wonder that is old books. I, too, could spend hours in an antiquarian bookshop, it's a real treat having time enough to spend in one. The new penguin classics are a work of art, even before you open the cover. Fantastic! And as for Su Blackwell's work - that is incredible. I'm off to check out the other links you gave ....

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Kate x

  23. You have got me very excited indeed - those beautiful Penguin Classics! I am rather breathless about them!

    Recently I had a rummage at an antiques warehouse in Suffolk and came across around ten books from a range published in the 40s with the most stunningly beautiful patterned covers and plates. I allowed myself to buy one only, entitled 'Children as Artists', filled with pictures painted by children in wartime. It is a very precious treasure (and was only £8!)

  24. What a wonderful post. All that is good in me came from books. I am a reader, buyer,thrift shop/ flea market collector. Beautful pictures.

  25. Stunning stunning books. xxx

  26. OH YES!!! Old books are best. I love to spend time in used bookstores and spent MUCH time at Much Ado with Cate and Nash when Much Ado was in Marblehead, Massachusetts. They are truly two of the most special people I have ever known and I adore them. I can't wait to visit their new place when we travel to the UK.

    Sending love and thanks,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  27. What treasured collections, Sarah.

  28. I love old books!!!!!!!
    saludos, from Bs As!

  29. i love this post. old books are so wonderful -- everything about them!

    stumbled on your blog somehow. so lovely. makes me wish i lived in england. :D

  30. Hi arrived here from Pinterest, So glad I did. How utterly delightful this post and your blog is. Thank you.


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