Monday 22 February 2010

..and they were all YELLOW

I must begin by wishing you all , old friends and new (and I notice quite a few new!) the warmest, sunniest welcome from me to you all.
I have been a little MIA last week and have not visited you which I dislike. Especially if you have taken the time to leave me a comment, which is much much appreciated. It has been tres hectic here Down the Lane, but only with dull stuff that must be attended to!

I can tolerate this grey leaden weather when it is puntuated by Yellow.
Wonderful lemony yellow daffy~down ~dillies, row after row.

Singing, zinging yellow with tangerine faces.

I took these photos in February 2008.
So glad I did as I needed an injection of spring and these have done the trick

I was not in Kent but far away in the most South Western tip of our land...
"At the far end of England, a land of rocks and moorland stretches itself out into a blue-green sea. Between it's high headlands lie tiny sheltering harbours where the fishing boats hide when the winter storms are blowing."

Antonia Barber "THE MOUSEHOLE CAT"

I love the opening lines of the Mousehole Cat, whenever I read them to a little one I long to be spirited away there at once.
This chap is not so fond of the Mousehole cat, or any of our feline friends but he is mad about Kernow.
I whispered to him that we are off tommorrow and he whimpered in anticipation and jumped off his bed, bouncing towards the door.

So yes, we are off to Cornwall for a few weeks.
There shall be much re-charging of batteries ( I find that pasties help with this enormously!)
Once there, we are pretty much incommunicado, no technology has reached our far flung bolt-hole yet! I am secretly quite glad of this! No e-mail checking for Mr.Lane.
So forgive my silence and I will catch up with you all on our return.
In the meantime I send you all a Cornish Daffodil to brighten your days, look how they shine for you!
Sarah xXx


  1. Love daffodils! they are so bright and cheery! Great pictures, they certainly brightened up my day!

  2. The Mousehole Cat - one of my favourite books.
    Enjoy your time in Cornwall and be sure to take lots of photos to share with us!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Cornwall, I love the costal walks there, I love the sea and the long sandy empty beaches, I love Helford too, if you haven't been it's worth a

  4. oh have a relaxing and wonderful time in Cornwall! I will miss your beautiful posts...until next time!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Oh Cornwall is one part of the country that I have never visited unfortunately. Have a wonderful time and it is always good to be that cut off from things sometimes.
    And please send some sunshine back across rest of the country if you have some down there. Looking forward to photo's on your return.

  6. Here is my yellow memory of England... driving near Rye and on a very grey dreary day spotting up ahead in the distance, sunlight on a we got closer, we was a field of rape. Beautiful sight!

  7. Oh it will be ages before my daffs in the garden bloom but these were lovely thanks!
    I love the Mousehole cat, I love the story and the illustrations.
    Have a lovely few days in Cornwall.

  8. Just bought a 99p bunch of daffs along with my food shop today to cheer me up.
    Very envious of your trip to Cornwall.Spent many happy childhood holidays there.Hope you have a wonderful time!

    Bellaboo :o)

  9. Enjoy Cornwall and epsecially the pasties :)

  10. have a fantastic time we are off there in April!

  11. Sunny, happy daffodils, one can never get enough of them. Those pictures are great! They brighten my rainy day, over here in the Netherlands ...

    Have a happy week!

  12. Say hello to the homeland for me - I grew up in Pz and my parents are there still. I haven't checked to see if the daffs are out yet but I hope they make an appearance for you. Wishing you a "fine geet" time and looking forward to seeing some splendiferous photos on your return!

    Kate xx

  13. I love the Mousehole Cat so much that I do a writing project about it every year with my class of seven year olds ... we especially love the video where all the real cats of Mousehole gather around the Stargazy pies!
    Enjoy your stay in cornwall - I haven't been there for ages. We must go back soon!
    Love Kathy xxx

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  15. We (my three sons and I) LOVE the Mousehole Cat! We got it when we went to the Mystic Seaport museum in Connecticut. I love the ocean and the seaside and everyone seems to be going to Cornwall and, frankly, I'm so jealous! Oh well! Maybe I'll go to the ocean via DVD. I hope that you have a truly lovely time - breathe the salt air deeply for me, please. Thanks!

  16. Sorry about the delete.
    I meant to say, I love the color yellow and so enjoyed your photos.
    Have a pleasant trip and I look forward to your return.

  17. Have a lovely relaxy time in Cornwall ... my only experiences there have been wall to wall sunshine and the lull of seagulls = bliss!

    Gorgeous, cheerful, springy daffs - thank you.


  18. The daffodils were exactly what I needed on this gloomy afternoon! Ours will start blooming in about a week, until then I'll just return to your post when I need a bit of cheer . . .
    Enjoy Cornwall!

  19. Oh! Bright yellow daffodils just fill my heart with joy! And I adore The Mousehole Cat. Only just discovered it this past Christmas. Such a lovely little story...

  20. Have a wonderful hidden away time. Sounds perfect for the batteries. Thanks for your lovely comments as usual.

    Lisa x

  21. Have a great time, might see you down here!!!!! x

  22. Have nice rest and a relaxing time in Cornwall. I still hope to see that place someday! Beautiful, colorful post. Cheers! :)

  23. Oh PLEASE smuggle me along on the trip.

    You deserve the time.

    XX Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  24. Oh the fields of beautiful yellow...sigh..our daffies are just poppin out...but nothing like this yet....just wait they will soon be back for you to take some more lovely images. Thank you for all your sweet comments you always leave me sweet one. Hope your day is as sunny as these flowers. xoxoxo

  25. Your posts are always so gorgeous, such pretty yellow daffodils. Some of my best memories of England were our trips to Cornwall. Have a wonderful time, can't wait to see pics when you get back.

  26. Yellow is such a sun smiley cheery colour especially on a dull day. I am waiting with anticipation for my own golden ground cover, it's a while off yet. So thank you for the preview.

    Enjoy your jollies.

  27. Oh daffodils, my mother (English from Kent) LOVES daffodils - she tortues us as children on trips to witness every single one, from Brighton to Bristol!! Love Posie

  28. Take me with you - I insist!!!!!!! xxxxx

  29. Enjoy Cornwall, I don't get down that way much anymore, it's good to have a break from techy things once and a while. Things should be all yellow when you return - maybe.
    ps I have now bought myself some navy gents slippers from M&S. I did say they would be more practical!

  30. Have a lovely break - know waht you mean about husbands and emails. Mine is surgically attached to his iPhone.

  31. 'Aaaahhhhh' - you are a tease with all those beautiful yellow fields of daffs.

    Nina xxxxx

  32. Gorgeous daffodils, they are so cheery! xxx

  33. My darling Sarah enjoy your stay at Cornwall. I will miss you terribly. Hope the sun shines on your days.

    Love & Hugs

  34. Ohhh I just needed the sight of those daffodils. Flippin weather... rain, rain, wind more rain. Ghastly. Enjoy the ever beautiful Cornwall, and thanks for cheering me up! xxx

  35. Thanks for the beautiful sunny flowers! They always cheer me up. Enjoy your trip to Cornwall. I've wanted to go there ever since I fell under Rosemunde P's spell. She makes it sound so wonderful. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back. Thanks again for such a wonderful blog.

  36. Thank you for the lovely yellow daffodils, like you say, just zingy!
    Hope you have a fabulous time away.
    Lisa x

  37. a) lovey pics and b) you've just helped me to settle a little dispute with Ben about which month sees the arrival of daffodils in the UK (ha!)

    Have a wonderful time in Cornwall. I am pining for the sea here...

  38. Hello, what a lovely cheery post full of sunshine...just what we need up north ...its very grey and foggy...I am helen, a friend of the lovely jane from jane and the happy crow, I love your blog...hugs H

  39. Hi Sarah,

    I tell all my friends in Australia that yellow is the colour of February in Guernsey as all the daffodils start to pop up everywhere. A lot of the hedge vege stalls are selling them for 50p per bunch – quite a bargain really for a bit of sunshine you can take home with you :)


  40. 'A field of golden daffodils' how beautiful, your photos are marvellous !
    Up here in the frozen North (feels more like the Arctic than the Yorkshire Dales at the moment)no sign of daffs yet, however quite a pretty abundance of snowdrops to keep me smiling. Look forward to more lovely photos on your blog soon.
    Best Wishes


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