Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More of the White Stuff!

Look at Mr.Boodle!
Like a snow leopard!
Run, the wind!
The depiction of dog happiness!
If you have caught any of the news bulletins it wont have escaped you that the country is swathed in a white blanket!
My goodness, the worst winter for 30 years, so they say!

The woods look magical because of it........
and the view through this window looks pretty magical too

Snowdrops, candles, clear glass, lovely!

And the scent of white hyacinths, sublime

I shall be enjoying the weather from the comfort of a favourite armchair

Many of the schools are closed today
Hear those cries of delight from the children
Many snowmen to be built and many sledges to use!
I love this Molly Brett illustration, seems to sum it all up!

Stoke the fire, and keep warm and toasty,
Love Sarah x

(the snowdrop, hyacinth and armchair pics are all from my scrapbook so probably started life in Country Living, Country Homes and Interiors or The English Home.)


  1. Oh those photographs are beautiful, no snow here where I live in Ireland today, the sun is shining but it is really cold.

    All things nice...

  2. by the end of the week we'll be hitting 30ÂșC + here....
    would really like a bit of snow!

  3. I rip out pictures from magazine to keep for inspiration too! It looks so lovely out there, shame to be in doors so I'm off out-again!

  4. It's really pretty isn't it?
    It does not stop me worrying about the men of the house, who have gone to work.Hope they will get back ok!
    Have a fun day ;-)

  5. Beautiful snowy images Sarah!
    Just cooking up an enormous pot of homemade soup for lunch!That should keep us warm!
    My son's off in the snow with his friends and Hubby has to work from home today!
    We are going to make a snowman later!
    Keep cozy!
    Rachel x

  6. ooh lovely post Sarah, we have no snow here in St. Ives. there was snow last night and this morning, the schools have closed but now its just about gone!! Nevermind , have been looking at everyones snowy blogs, its bitterly cold here though. x x x

  7. Love those winter wonderland pics..and cute doggy!
    A foot of snow here,and more to come they say.
    Off to heat up some soup.Keep warm and cosy.


  8. Wow - the woods look so pretty. It's amazing how transformative a little white dusting of snow can be. xx

  9. Lovely pictures,I particularly like the snowdrops and the hyacinths. We've got lots of snow here,just hope the food lasts!


  10. Somehow I came across your blog and have enjoyed my stay so much. Beautiful! Thank you for all the beautiful things you do here.

    The wood pictures look like what we have had here in Kansas USA.

    Blessings to you this new year!
    Prairie Flower

  11. Oh Sarah, I'm so glad you finally got your snow. It's gorgeous, and I love that plaid chair. Stay nice and cozy.


  13. We are finally joining in with the snowy fun!! It started about an hour ago and is showing no signs of letting up 'yay'

    Have a fabulous evening,

    Nina xxxxx

  14. Yes we got it today - wonderful times with the children. I do wish we had lovely blue skies like you though, it's been very grey and the snow hasn't stopped. Brrrrrrrr!

    Kate x

  15. Snow really is so beautiful isn't it, what I love about it most of all is it's silence.

  16. Hey Hun,
    Hope you are making a huge snowman, to come alive at night:-)
    I am looking forward so very much to seeing Snowdrops and as for hyacynth perfume ... if ever there was a perfume from heaven. Enjoy the snow my friend. x

  17. Oh I so want some of the white stuff...we have had only one snowfall and it was gone the next day...please wish some my way. Enjoy!

  18. Mr Boodle looks like he is having a grand time! Enjoy the snow! I've been enjoying your photos of Paris too. I would love to see more of your pictures of Cornwall sometime, we just watched one of my favorite movies again...Ladies in Lavender.

  19. My dog loves the snow too!
    Have to say that when it comes to White Stuff, I prefer the clothes shop kind!

  20. Hello :-)

    Hope you are well...? Just started to read blogs again after the chaos of December and then the Christmas New Year break.

    Love the Molly Brett picture - it is beautiful.

    Love Charlotte

  21. He's a jolly looking snowman!
    Hope the armchair is nice and comfy.
    Keep safe and snuggly.
    Lisa x

  22. Hello my darling Sarah, what a lovely post, it cheered me right up. This is what I truly needed to see, your photos are fabulous. Sweetie, I do hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year and that 2010 turns out to be the best year of your life, followed by many more. Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments; you are a dear friend...a treasure.

    Love & Hugs

  23. I'm still having bother with you missy, but this looks like it may be succesful!!! I want that window with the candles - and of course that beautiful chocolate lab. xxxxxxxx

  24. lovely pictures they made me smile!!!
    have a lovely weekend!!!

  25. Thanks for your lovely comments about my Chalet. Someone commented saying they would use it as a gift box, I think it's not so christmassy you couldn't use it the rest of the year!

    Now that I've stumbled across your blog I have been reacquainted with memories of an amazing book I used to read all the time thanks to the snow illustration above with all the animals!

  26. Oh I want to go and get some snowdrops now!

    Victoria xx

  27. Mr Boodle looks so sweet! suzie. xxx

  28. fabulous photos, just like a scene out of Narnia. I love that your heroes are Tom & Barbara from The Good Life, my all time favourite show :) Hugs, Catherine x

  29. I tried to find an email for you but couldn't. Not a prob, you asked about my craft punch, As for my craft punch, It's from Fiskars, I spent ages hunting high and low for it, in the end contacting fiskars US, they sell it in the States but not in Europe!

    Here is a link to the fiskars site (they don't send international, but you can see what I'm meaning).
    I got mine from a US seller on

  30. oh, that looks so pretty and fun - probably because I'm not experiencing it! I wish it would snow so I could take a photo of my new tree covered in snow. I'll check out that book - thanks!!

  31. Oh your snow pictures are FABULOUS. Don't the trees look like exquisite lace? There's some doggy magic oging on beneath.

    Your scrapbook pictures made my eyes pop out. Just lovely, especially the snowdrops - I can't wait for them to come out can you?

  32. T'is the season for home knitted socks, mugs of hot chocolate, slabs of chocolate, thermal vests, silly hats, red noses and chilblains... I love all it's purity and extremes..
    Enjoy it while it lasts.. it is so much better that the wet and mild winter they promised us. Thank goodness the met office get it so wrong sometimes! Though I know not all agree with me..
    Michele xx
    P.s Thank you SJ for your lovely lovely comments ... ditto!


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