Sunday 17 January 2010

Flower Girl

Thank you all for your wonderful responses to my "Sepia Seventies" post. It seems we can all rustle up amazing amounts of detail from our childhoods. Since writing that piece I have been really luxuriating in remembering the flower girl card that Magpie gave me, and all the wonderful creative projects it sparked. I still adore the patchwork umbrella and higgledy piggledy buckets of flowers.

Anyway, as I have been turning all this over I suddenly had a little revelation. I remembered the Birthday present I had from Magpie last year........

Yes, this wondeful image of a flower-girl!
I spotted it in a favourite shop in Lewes some years ago and had lusted after it. When it came to my Birthday last year I suddenly found myself the proud owner of it! Thank you Magpie.
It is quite large (A2) and framed in a simple black frame, every time I pass it I am drawn in to look at the detail of the basket, or the flowers or her steady, frank gaze.
And of course she can't fail to remind me of someone else.....

Eliza Doolittle
When I think of My Fair Lady I am most fond of the scene in Covent Garden Market where Eliza is selling violets and is discovered by Proffessor Higgins.
In honour of that wonderful old Flower Market here are a few of my pictures from Paris on New Years Day.

And a favourite poster of Covent Garden you can find at the London Transport Museum.

I am sad it is no longer in Covent Garden and I am hoping that I will be lucky enough to receive this lovely book for my Birthday.

You can find it here
It is well worth a look, Peter Ackroyd's introduction is simply wonderful.
"In the late 1960s and early 1970s Clive Boursnell shot thousands of colour and black and white photographs of the Covent Garden fruit, vegetable and flower markets, documenting an era before the markets moved out of their site in the heart of London. This hardback book contains almost three hundred of those images, portraits of the people working and using the markets, the flowers, fruit and vegetables, the streets and architecture of the Covent Garden area and its distinctive character. It also includes interviews with the people who know it best - the porters, the stall holders, the flower sellers."
This isn't Peter Ackroyd's intro! Just a synopsis of what's inside!

I really love this exploration of the past through still images. I think Stephen Poliakoff nailed it in Shooting the Past. Sorry off on another tangent, must stay focussed, tee-hee!

So I am longing for Spring posies of violets, anemones and paperwhites .

In the meantime I shall content myself with filling my bud vases with some pretty twiggy, catkin bits from the Lane!
Love Sarah x


  1. What a wonderful print, I can see why you like it

    Victoria xx

  2. Ah yes, the flower stalls and markets or Paris are beautiful and so much fun to wander! I studied Pygmalion at school, it really paints a picture of Victorian London and the flower girls!

    Thanks for you comment on my blog :)


  4. Sarah, I just love coming here to your space. It always makes me smile. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of all these wonderful flowers. That book looks fantastic, I would love to live somewhere there is a market like that. Can you imagine walking down to the market to be surrounded by all of that beauty?

  5. Your Paris flower pictures are wonderful! Flower markets, fruit or veggie markets... LOVE those. Where did they move the London market to?
    They had a street market once a week where I grew up and I would often walk the couple of blocks with my mother. We would pull our little rolling wire basket there, fill it the fresh produce and flowers, and then pull it back home. Great memories. I still love going to Farmers markets today.

  6. Love all those flowers. And you still get a sense of the vibrancy of the flowers even in the black and white picture you have.

    Wonderful Paris images too. What a lovely colourful post!


  7. Oh I love the flower mosaic, so much loveliness to look at.
    Thank you for such a kind message about our lovely Tilly. It made me smile to read you calling her a gorgeous girl as that is exactly what we all used to call her and the words I said to her over and over as she went and I sat stroking her. In some ways it was the easiest decision but it was the hardest thing to watch.
    Thanks again.
    Lisa x

  8. 'Aaahhhh' flowery goodness such a feast for the eyes this cold and bare Winter.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening,

    Nina x

  9. Don't you just love strolling around French markets .... they do things so well! There's a lovely flower market in the old town in Nice too. Makes you long for spring ....and some colour in our lives. Love Kathy xxx

  10. I loved every minute of that post...and as for that book, it has been added to my list now.

    I hope you’re feeling slimmer??? I’ve been thinking you slim all day.

    Love Lou xxx

  11. So glad to be back reading you again. From flowers to a bit of Poliakoff a great post. Going back over your year too - I wish I'd come along too it looked good fun your 2009.

    Lisa x

  12. I'm also longing for some joys of Spring and lust after bunches of bright gems.I particularly love purples and yellows. especially tete a tete, crocus and anemones in the garden. I can't wait...

    Jo x

  13. oh how I LOVE your post! the flowers and the beautiful prints of flowers and the books....aaaahhhh...spring will come right? it is snowing to beat the band here in new england...thank you for giving me some springy, flowery hope ;)
    xo jennifer

  14. All those flowers are certainly a cheerful sight, and it's so good to see some colour. Love the look on your flower girl's face, it's a classic!


  15. Hi sarah-jane
    thank you for your lovely comments on my last few posts, your flower post is lovely Ive just been reading your 70s post before too, i always wonder what joshy will remember when he looks back - probably 70s too as our house is so full of vintage nick nacks! fliss xx

  16. The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

    The Duchess will be honoured if you accept the award she is presenting you by copy and pasting it on your blog.

  17. Hello Sarah

    What a wonderful post, just what is needed to brighten up these dull days. The bouquet of violet coloured flowers is so pretty. Just the kind which I like. Looking forward to spring flowers...
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  18. Hi, Sarah!
    Your posts are so beautiful!
    I love the images!!!

    Thank you for leaving your sweet comments on my blog! You made my husband happy by leaving your cupcake -comment, haha... He made the green one with orange smarties on...

    I´m sure , you can get the book ...somehow. I left a link , in the first post about it, try from there!

    Have a nice week!

  19. Sarah, I'm so happy you stopped by my blog, I told my son Oliver you live near the real 'Winnie-the-pooh in the hundred acre woods'. I'm even more thrilled to have discovered your adorable and beautiful blog. Your Paris pictures are lovely. I often pretend my little stone farmhouse and gardens are in the English countryside while enjoying our afternoon tea :)

  20. Lovely lovely lovely photographs - I wish they would invent a smelly blog!! I used to love flower sellers when I was little - I found an embroidery that I had done when I was about 6 the other day of a flower seller and it looks just like the first picture (only you can tell a 6 year old did it!!!)

  21. Oh I do love the photo of the flower girl - what an amazing image. And it looks like you had a fabulous time in Paris. xx

  22. Darling thank you for taking me down this memory lane….the good old days!! You have brought back so many wonderful memories for me on this day, a day that I needed it the most. I have to confess…I am not one to read long posts; however, yours captivated me to the point that I read it twice. This is why I love visiting with you down the lane.

    Love & Hugs

  23. Hello :-)
    Am so sorry I've been MIA in blogland for a while... back again now.
    Did I read you were in Paris for new year?
    Gosh, how lovely!
    Love Charlotte

  24. Sweet friend...thank you for the link today..I am getting so so excited about the is crazy here. Everywhere you is starting to arrive and the excitment is building. Wishing for more snow as it has been so Springlike...trees are starting to blossom..crazy. I will try to wave to you when I am in camera's view! tee hee xoxoo Have a lovely weekend!

  25. Gorgeously pretty post :o)

  26. love the theme of the purple flowers arrangement. it looks so sophisticated.


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