Saturday 19 December 2009

Winter wonder "Lane"

In the Lane snow is glistening
In the meadow we can build a snowman
and pretend that he is Gordon Brown!

As the sun rose this was the view from our kitchen.
An enchanted winter world stretched out in front of us.

My Editor in chief ( Him Down the Lane) was less than impressed by my grainy, grey over excited efforts at posting the snow in the wee small hours!

I love the word "laden" and I think that this fir hedge is definately


The first snowfall is so romantic.
Many of my favourite books and films are set in snowy, magical worlds.
The wonder of children as the first snowflakes flutter past the window.....
Snow cloaks the familiar and turns them into wonder-lands over night.
The familiar sky lines of villages and towns transformed into fairy tale illustrations

I adore the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.
These illustrations are by Christian Birmingham for the Snow Queen published by Walker Books.

I epecially wish I could do this.....
And this wonderful picture is by Edmund du Lac also for the Snown Queen
You can find this here
Oh and then my all time favourite
The hideaway for Lara and Zhivago, wonderful
The interior was so beautiful too...

So magical to think of children waking up this Morning and hoping that the weather has delivered a festive dusting of snow....

Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. love the snow queen illustration very magical & beauuuutiful snowy scenery! looks like you have had quite a thick covering of the stuff! i don't want it to go! funny to hear that your mr.boodle likes to truffle through the snow because that's just what smartie doggins enjoys too! funny boys!
    thanks for your warm christmas wishes, we too wish you all from down the lane a very, very merry christmas! x x

  2. Good morning Sarah! The snow down the lane is surely more charming and fascinating than the one here in my garden today! Wonderful pictures!
    Happy weekend! xx

  3. Hello Sarah

    So very beautiful, I love the view you have from you kitchen window!

    I love this post, it captures what I love about Christmas. Great Photos!

    It all looks so peaceful and Christmassy. Today it's sunny here but no snow, the little we had has gone now. We have been told more on the way but we shall have to see!

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  4. I looong for a white
    Beautiful pics, Sarah.

  5. What a pretty post. We've only had a dusting of snow so far here in the Lancashire hills. A heavy fall forecast for Sunday; fingers crossed. Have a great weekend. Xx

  6. 'Wow, wow and double wow!!'

    That is amazing and beautiful - I moving to west Kent!

    We've had some here too, but only a couple of cm's.

    Gorgeous pictures - ignore Mr Lane,

    have a fabulous snowy weekend,

    Nina x

  7. Oh wow...what a sight!
    I wonder if it'll hang on til Christmas Day?!!


  8. glorious! keep it comin', s-j dtl. (i love writing all those consonants!) x

  9. Sarah,

    Those photographs are impressive, I really like the photograph of the wooden gate. It all looks so pretty :) No snow here in Ireland just very cold :)

    All things nice...

  10. Ooooh,I wish I had such a view from MY kitchen window!Your photos are amazing.
    Enjoy the snow while it lasts.


  11. Sarah, I love your gate, how beautiful it looks covered in snow. We've woken up to a light dusting here at my in-laws as well. Not nearly so much, but just enough to be magical.

  12. Wow! What fab pictures! I do hope we keep the snow for Christmas!!!

  13. Great pictures, and you have had much more snow than us in Suffolk (although we are promised more tonight!)

  14. We can't seem to get snow...I'll enjoy it through you I guess. I love snowy pic. and movies too.."Little Women"..Prancer" s etc. favorites. Enjoy yours..I'm hoping for snow for Christmas! Come say hi :D

  15. Those illustrations are just so beautiful.
    And I LOVE that second photo of yours, the light is super.
    Lisa x

  16. You just can't beat freshly fallen snow especialy when it hasn't got loads of footprints through it, and beautiful blue sky to show it off at its best, brilliant. lucky lucky you!

  17. Your garden looks fabulous!! I love those illustrations too. xx

  18. How beautiful is that! I love the first snow and we too had plenty.
    I did an Open House with Christian couple years back, his work is so stunning in real life and a lovely guy too!
    XXx back!

  19. Out of this world!!!! those snowy picture's could win prizes...I love them
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  20. Oh it's all so wonderful, you can't beat that untouched deep snow. Do you know, if I had that view from my kitchen window I would happily wash up all day (and that's saying something)!

  21. Oh wow, even better than before! Beautiful photos...magical!

  22. Oh my friend...enjoy your lovely snow. Ours has all disappeared. Your images are lovely..please send some our way..I really want to have a white Christmas.

  23. ooo such pretty pictures.....i love!!

  24. Gorgeous photos - so beautifully fairy tale!


  25. Great post!
    I wish you a very merry Christmas, and enjoy the snow!

  26. What wonderful photos of the snow, we've only had a light dusting so far but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. What great photos! The snow does make everywhere look wonderful-as long as you do not have to travel in it!

  28. how perfectly dreamy and romantic. The christmas children images make smile. It's such a wonderous time for them.

  29. I feel all Christmassy now after looking at your post. We've not had any snow here in Shropshire so I'm a bit disappointed. I would love to have gone out and taken some gorgeous photos like yours.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010.
    Susie X

  30. I love the pistures. So Christmassy!!!
    I wish you a merry X-mas.

  31. Oh your lane, and the Christmas illustrations are truly beautiful! What an absolute treat of a post. Many many thanks and have a wonderful Chrsitmas xxx

  32. There is only one word to describe this blog post.. SUBLIME !!! How I love your snowy landscapes.. the virgin snow carpet to Dr Zhivago one of my all time favourite films..especially the snow filled house.. Totally impractical but who could have designed such a beautiful interior.. only mother nature!
    Have a super duper Christmas with family .. full of good cheer. Wishing you good times ahead in 2010.
    Michele xx

  33. Wow, so much beauty here! I wish you a wonderful christmas!

    Anna x

  34. Darling, I thank you for your love and support this past year when I needed it most. Your kindness has left me feeling blessed. You have made my first year of blogging a memorable one!! I am certain that 2010 will be an amazing year for us both. Enjoy the last day of the year and have a marvelous 2010 full of good health, happiness, prosperity, love and blessings.

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess & Dad


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