Wednesday 16 December 2009

Christmas embellishment

At last I have time for some jolly-fication, adornment and embellishment of my kitchen here down the Lane.
Hmm, first on my hit list, the sideboard that houses my china.
Take some cheap red baubles from Sainsbogs and tie onto some raffia, voila!

That was fun!

Now these sparkly fellas were recycled from last year's presents, my Magpie tied them onto all our presies!
I have included them especially for the sweet and generous Michela, Little Secrets from my garden.
You are so kind Michela x

Oh, and I used to make these sequin puddings to sell and give as presents but they became so expensive to make I haven't made any this year!

Looks pretty in this vintage red goblet.

A little more fiddling over here

That'll do now Sarah!

Next the old fashioned, coloured flower lights!
Yay, I really like these they make me very happy indeed!

And then I walk with Mr. Buster Boodle along the Lane and am reminded at just how brilliantly nature festoons and decorates.

Simply beautiful.
You can see some gorgeous hand crafted natural decs here at Elspeth Thompsons Blog.

Have a lovely decorative week x


  1. Absolutely beautiful, and I love your dishes, they are fantastic. Great job decorating, thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Lovely decorating, by you and by nature! Your raffia and bauble decorations reminded me so much of the berry vines I have on my door wreath - and now you've shown the very things!

    Thanks for the link to Elspeth T - I have added her blog to my list.

    As regards your question on my blog, we are not mega-festive here in France. It's not such a big celebration (see French Village Life blog for a good explanation), and we're really saving ourselves for our arrival in Somerset, where my MIL has a huge celebration from Christmas Eve onwards. Should be wonderful...

  3. very festive and beautiful! good job!


  4. Oooh, thank you wonderful lady! Glad you like your tiny parcel, thank you for your message!
    Love your festive makeover!

  5. Just popped over from Pomona's blog to say hello and how glad I am that I did - your Christmas tree lights have evoked some truly happy childhood memories for me!


  6. All festive and berry delicious Sarah over at your end of Kent.

    Has it snowed yet?? We had about an hours worth at tea time - it's stopped now, boo hoo!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina xxxxxxx

  7. Love your coloured fairy lights they remind me of the ones my grandma had on her tree. I love your jug with the black rose design.
    Ann x

  8. Your decorations are darling..I love the colored lights too! And natures decorations are amazing!!! Come say hi :D

  9. Everything is so pretty at your place. I love those red little Christmas balls strung around your lovely dishes. What a sweet idea.
    Also a great big thank you hug for your caring comments you left on my blog the other day...we do miss our Rosie but the love you have sent my way does help me to carry on..thank you my friend.

  10. Beautiful photos! I love the colored lights on your tree. Reminds me of my childhood Christmas. Thank you...also enjoyed the journey to London to see the lights!

  11. Lovely photos!
    You really captured the beauty of nature in Winter.

  12. It's looking very pretty and festive at your house. I absolutely love that sequin pudding. I have a mini one that I bought from Whittards the other year. It's a hinged gift box too and is one of my favourites.
    Love all the EB too!
    Lisa x

  13. Lovely decorations! I adore the Christmas pud! Have a sweet day!

  14. What a gorgeous way to decorate your all the colours, and festive looking berries too.

  15. Oh my goodness what a pretty post! Makes me want to pop over for a cuppa then take a walk! You have just brought back so many memories from my childhood with those lights! We had the same sort of set. Brilliant :D x

  16. Hello :-)

    Let me know when you've done the link - send me your address (again!) and I will send you a stocking. The key thing is that the words 'moulin roty' are in the clickable bit. My friend tells me it makes all the difference... thanks So much!

    Love Charlotte

  17. It has taken me ages to get around everyone's blog just lately..I'm so behind with everything! I love your tree and the coloured lights. I have coloured lights on my tree too and I think they look so much more magical than the white...probably because they remind me of my childhood! I like your bauble decs in the kitchen too. I might give that a go at the weekend.

  18. It all looks lovely -I do so enjoy seeing everyone's Christmas decorating.


  19. Hi Sarah, No snow here! hope you make it down through the blizzards. Enjoy a Cornish Christmas, lots of things to do, Eden at night is worth a visit with ice skating if you are brave enough. If you can come over to The Sea Garden at Portscatho maybe we will meet. Safe journey, Jane xx

  20. Hello SJ.. so good of you to visit in the wee small hours. I think the cold air in our bedroom woke me up.. when my nose formed icicles!
    I love your festive finery.. particularly the red baubles from a certain supermarket. Sadly they would not last five mins in our house with a certain four legged demolition squad..The Tabby Terror!
    I think nature provides a stunning display.. and the berries this year have been plentiful..always a sign of a cold winter.. and isn't that just so right. You have snow.. we don' hoo.. Look forward to your snowy pics later..
    Much love
    Michele xx

  21. What lovely decorations! your house looks very cozy and festive xxxx


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