Saturday, 7 November 2009


A box of lace has arrived
A box of lace from my M.I.L
A box of lace which she inherited from "Gan"
A box of wonderful family history, stored and treasured from one generation to the next and now it is Down the Lane.
"I must wash and iron and preserve this wonderful gift......"

This was just the first batch!
As you can see I became rather obsessed by the lovliness of it floating in the breeze!
One particularly large piece has ended up adorning the landing window.

And as a result I am adoring the landing window!
So I got to thinking about lace and all the forms it takes.
LACE: A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern. Also called la

but that's not it at all, I thought.
Lace is the opera of sewing, it is the prima ballerina of threadwork and it has been fashioned with such precision and beauty by women over many centuries and in every culture.
Then I thought wouldn't it be pretty to add some colour?

and sure enough a little trawling on the tintrenet

Of course lace isn't simply man-made.
Some of the finest lacework exists all around us in nature
Looking skyward through spring blossom

Discovering an impromptu seat for a little bottom to perch upon!

Oh and trailing, umbrella like blooms

and remember outside Cottage Industry in Fitzroy, Melbourne the amazing tree festooned with crochet doilies? Makes me smile to think of it.

Which brings me to Lacework Australian style
The houses are decorated with Victorian Lacework
Makes me think of those faraways...........

I would love to hear about your favourite piece of lace
Ooh and by the way I also wanted to tell you all about a lovely giveaway happening over at cottontails
Charlotte is offering these lovely Maileg goodies so hop over and join in if you can.

Last, but by no means least I wanted to wish all my wonderful friends the very best at the
Vintage and Handmade Chritmas Fair

The Fair is on 14th November in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall 10am -4pm
Do try and get there if you can as it will be chock full of the most wonderful vintage and handmade treasures you will find anywhere.
Good Luck to all the stall holders, I will sitting thinking enviously of you all x


  1. What a lovely post full of lace-y loveliness!
    I LOVE lace,and have quite a collection.I suppose my favourite must be the lace veil I wore for my wedding...not an heirloom...but will be one day I suppose!

  2. What a divine post SJ.
    Lace heirloom in very safe hands I would say.
    The lace on the line.....stunning.
    Thank you for the kind wishes for the V &HM

  3. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog! What a delicious post...oh, the photos of the lace on the washing line...swoon! :)

  4. What beautiful photos, that lace is gorgeous and it looks great dressing your window. P.S. I love that you have Tom and Barbara in your side bar, I love The Good Life.

  5. What lovely, lacey gorgeousness! I have a very large piece of Victorian black lace with gold thread embroidery - it is stunning.

    Thanks for the good wishes for the fair....what a pity you can't come!


  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I was drawn here by your title, as I adore lace too. You have been given some very special pieces.

    My favourite is probably always going to be Honiton lace, because I grew up in Devon where it was made, and my mum sewed antique Honiton pieces onto my wedding veil.


  8. Thank you so much for linking to the giveaway - I am so grateful xx

    Absolutely love your post, and all those photographs of the lace blowing in the breeze. So pretty and delicate.

    I am just trying to think if I have much lacy-ness in the shop but I don't think there is a great deal... A pig with red lace ribbon around her, and a christmas stocking with a lacy edge. That is it. Hmmm... might have to have a think about that!!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

    ps Just had another look at those photos you took, on the washing line - they really are beautiful!

  9. How absolutely lovely. xxxxx

  10. Love the pictures of your precious laces in the wind! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. What beauty! And you put a huge amount of work into this post. It's exquisite, that lace. Love the images of the lace fluttering in the wind. And then all the observations of lace in nature and the other things, that tree is inspiring, makes me want to go and do something similar! This really is an exceptional post, fabulous!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  12. What a wonderful post - it's exquisite - lucky lucky you. I'm rather obsessed myself with the images of your billowy lace blowing in the wind. Gorgeous!

  13. Lace is wonderful and one can do so much with it... You are so lucky , to reciev all of that lace.
    The images in your post are gorgeous.

    Have a nice sunday!

  14. Love your lace - especially blowing on the line. I also really like the way you integrated other lacy things. Your blog is one of my favorites and so . .

    I nominated it for the Kreative Blogger award on my blog today. I know you've had the award before and hope you don't mind a repeat.


  15. What a wonderful post and I loved the way you brought in all the other lacey things around us. Lace is so beautiful! suzie. xxx

  16. I've ohhhed and ahhhed admiring your amazingly beautiful lace pieces inherited from your MIL and her Mother!! Hanging there outside to dry, makes for such gorgeous pics.
    I love, love, love the all it's forms and your post is a current favourite of mine.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    xoxo Kali

  17. I love your photos they look really fairy tale ish, lovely so pretty im going back for another look! fliss xx

  18. Sarah!!!!

    You have won the Maileg giveaway, yay!!

    Send me an email with your address when you get a mo...

    Sorry no time to 'chat', having frantic afternoon

    Charlotte & Humphrey

  19. Hello Sarah

    I am a big fan of LACE! I have been acquiring it ocver the past few years and can't stop buying it. I admire the details and how much work has gone in to it.
    My favourite piece of lace has to be the one that was used to make my wedding dress just over 3 years ago. I did a post on it back in June this year.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  20. You are so so so sweet my dear!!! I just am back visiting my lovely blogger friends and had such a lovely surprise when I popped over to see you. First thank you so so much for all your well heart is filled with sunshine from you. Another huge thank you for posting my bluebird note to you!!! It was so much fun to do so and I am so glad you got it. You really have such a sweet soul my friend and I feel blessed to have connected with you across the ocean. My day has been blessed by you and so a million thanks. I must say your lovely images of your lace blowing in the breeze made me feel amazingly happy as well. Thanks for all your love!!! xoxoxox

  21. i want your washing line with lace and the crochet tree in my garden :).
    and thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words!

  22. I just wanted to tell you that I think you have one of the best blogs, and your pictures are just beautiful!!! So interesting!


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