Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rosy and cosy with a dash of mustard!

I am loving the sweet simple comfort of home.................. as we batten down the hatches here and brace ourselves for those much forcasted gales!

I am currently obsessing about the warmth of soft rosy hued pinks, dusky pinks and mauves with a little dash of mustard or eggy yellow.....divine.

Although warm pinks and mauves can take quite a few similar toned colours and still sing, I love that.

I love the huge papaver poppies in this painting by Walter J West (1860-1933) , gorgeous sumptious flower heads with dark splotches as though someone had spilt ink in the centre.

And who wouldn't lust after this wonderful wallpaper adorned with oversized
roses, see what a mean about that hint of mustard with the pink, just lovely.

Hmm, and then you know all about my Gypsy caravan wistfulness.............. this is from the cover of the Kew Autumn Winter brochure and I must confess that I have sucumbed to the outfit on the left! I, unfortunately, am not able to stand in front of this wonderfully painted caravan when I wear it!

So tonight I will be lighting the candles and enjoying the warm glow they cast whilst rearranging cushions and cosying the place up.
Speaking of candles here are some Birthday candles.................

Two of the best, brightest, most beautiful and dearest people in my life are celebrating their Birthdays!
Happy Birthday Girls!
Yes, Scorpions both! another reason for my title "...with a dash of mustard" as we all know about the sting in the tail! (Only kidding!)

Mrs. Faraway, a slice of Nanny's Victoria sponge for you as I know you don't really like cake x
(she made it especially, another scorpio too!)

Hydrangeas for you both as we all love them from the garden in Cornwall.

And for you my Ludo a whole cake!
we both know we could do this at one sitting! x

What's that? It's your Birthday too! Oh goody, pull up a pew and we'll open the bubbly, pink of course...............Happy Birthday x


  1. Naughty you with that outfit - it is very gorgeous though. The farm near me stores caravans over winter and he often has a beautiful little gypsy number there. I have caravan envy everytime I see it. xxxx

  2. Beautiful post, love all the florally goodness, and the colours. Cute outfit, and I love the bowl that the flowers are in in the top photo. Stay warm, I'll try to send some of this snow your way :)

  3. Lovely colours! Very cosy! Isn't the weather awful? I'm staying nin unless a really can't help it!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  4. Happy birthday to the girls and congrats on your great taste!

  5. These pictures all go so well together, I forget how much I like those colours till I see them.....if you know what I mean!

  6. Sounds like a storms a coming...I love those outfits.I could so see me in one of those. Happy Birthday Celebrations to you all!

  7. Great colour combo...i do like it a lot! Fab new outfit too.
    Happy Birthday celebrations, might join in for a piece of cake and some pink bubbly.
    xo, K.

  8. Just cloudy and very humid in Venice...we had enough rain last week! ;-)

  9. Happ birthday wishes to those celebrating!
    Thank you for your kind comment about my gifts, that made my day already reading that comment.
    Who is that painting by? it's absolutely beautiful?
    Fab new outfit!
    Lisa x

  10. Gorgeous colour combination! Love the wallpaper in the image, very pretty!
    I'm keeping cozy today too,a spot of knitting and a good read of my Ideal Home magazine!
    Have a cozy day!
    Rachel x

  11. I love that outfit too though I was checking out the stripy t-shirt the most and I really don't do pink, but that wallpaper is divine!!

    The storm has passed here now, bright blue skies and calm with only one old tree fallen next door so plenty of logs for Christmas.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xx

  12. oh I so with a hint of mustard is gorgeous! love your new outfit:)

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog.


  13. I love the way you put your posts together. You always manage to find lots of lovely images. I do like Kew clothes. Those two outfits are lovely and that wallpaper is gorgeous. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to actually put it on the wall though!

  14. Hi, my post on the Vintage & Handmade fair is up, it was a fantastic day!

    Victoria xx

  15. I wouldn't have thought of that colour combo..but I love it. Love the caravan too...and thanks for popping over to Dance the other day....hope you had a lovely weekend. It's funny I adore hydrangeas seems we have similar taste.

  16. i love those colours and with a bit of teal in there too! love the outfit as well, love it all!!! he he, hope your girls both had a lovely birthday. fliss xx

  17. We Scorpios have a little sting in our tail! Imagine it in my household as both I and my three sisters have our birthdays in November - my poor Dad!
    You know, you are so right about the mustard with the pink, I'd not really thought of that as I always put green and turquoise with pink but I am now thinking of a gorgeous Philip Jacobs rosy fabric and some of Kaffes which have pink and mustard in which are divine, I must give it a whirl in some of the things I make. Do you have Sophie Dahl's new book, gorgeous cover with her sitting next to a pink gypsy caravan.
    Life is getting back to normal after the Fair, if you are still interested in a stocking please get in touch as I did come back with a couple.
    Hen xxx

  18. This is one of the most visually pleasing posts I've seen in a long time! I took a quick peek at it this weekend but was too busy to comment. Your images and colours have stayed with me though, so I came back for another gaze! Thanks.

  19. Lovely colours - I would like one of those caravans, too!

    Pomona x

  20. Great colour combo's, and that caravan is so cute! Have a sweet day!

  21. Hi sweet friend...please come over to my blog for my giveaway...I really do not want you to miss it because you have been such a good dear friend.

  22. Oh I love your new outfit! It feels like ages and ages since I had anything, and I am especially taken with the idea of getting 'an outfit'. I normally by one off bits and never really recreate something as lovely as I see in the pictures.

    That wall paper is gorgeous too... In fact it's all lovely!

    Hope you didn't suffer too much in the storms... nothing too dramatic here in Herefordshire.

    Lots of love

    x x x x x

  23. your Blog is so beautiful. I too am a Country girl, it's really nice to 'meet' you, Hugs, Catherine x

  24. lovely, lovely blog. i enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your photo choices!

  25. Hello from Melbourne. Just love your beautiful blog. I love hydrangeas but can't grow them any more because we don't get enough rain.
    That rosy wall paper is spectacular.

  26. Oh, I seemed to miss this post, so sorry! I hope they both had lovely birthdays. I love lighting the candles and getting all cosy too! suzie. xxx


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