Thursday, 5 November 2009

Kind Hearts and Coronets

The kind hearts belong to Koralee and Viv,
And so do the Coronets as I crown them both the lovliest girls!
This little stocking is for you both from Down the Lane where you are much appreciated xIn spite of the rather eratic postal service we are experiencing here in Blighty at the moment, two rather amazing letters popped through the letter-box this week.
Lovely Koralee from Bluebird notes sent me this gorgeous be-ribboned, be-buttoned "Bluebird Note" all the way from Canada. Oh I just love those stamps.

Gorgeous ivory button too!

Just look at the treasure inside! Lots of lovely Birdie inspired things as you would expect and beautiful words from Koralee. I am still smiling with delight just thinking about it again!
Thank you so much lovely x

Now you might think that would be enough lovely post for any girl but no! There's more...Beautiful Viv from Hens Teeth staggered me by sending not one but two of her divine collaged Christmas cards, Oh joy!

I wish you could see these in the flesh they really are divine, the colours are heavenly vintage pinks, rose, green and blue.

I just adore this touch with a little twinkle of Santa's eye!

I them had a brainwave!
I found this vintage Selfridges Paper bag and have been toying with cutting it up and collaging with it when I thought, what if......

Viv's cards would look lovely with this as a backdrop!

You like?

I think I like them so much I might mount and frame them and keep them forever!They will become part of the Annual Christmas decorating extravaganza here Down the Lane.

You girls are the best!
Thank you for these treasures I’ll always think of you with a glad and grateful heart x


  1. Wow, lucky, lucky you! I was just ogling Viv's goodies this morning on her Etsy site and thinking I will treat myself at the Fair.
    Hen x

  2. You're right, they do look lovely, and I agree that they should be used for Christmas decorations from here on out. How nice to get something beautiful in the mail.

  3. I like! How fun...a bit of early that! And the thoughtfulness is the best part don't you think? Come say hi :D

  4. You lucky thing,the cards are beautiful! I'd frame them forever too!
    Rachel x

  5. Oooh you lucky girl :-) How lovely to get such lovely treats through the post!

    It's really kind of you to offer to put a link on your blog and I'd be so grateful... If you didn't mind would you pop on a link to my website which is http::// - links are so important and I don't have very many of them, am not very brave or good at the whole PR thing. Terrified of being pushy. If you wanted to use any pictures from the website you'd be ever so welcome.

    Thank you :-)

    Yes Maileg things are gorgeous aren't they! I had a new big box delivered yesterday which I've only peeked in so far but there are some lovely red Christmas fabric hearts. And LOTS of rabbits. Hooray!

    I was thinking about films yesterday, after our posts and must put together my own list of favourites.

    Anyway, better get on (supposed to be working at the mo - at my second, part-time job! Coffee break over!)

    Love Charlotte

  6. What lovely goodies to get through the post!! suzie. xx

  7. Hi S,
    It was a pleasure to send you the cards and your post has made my day.
    You should have lots of things sent to you all the time, you are such a lovely, lovely lady. x

  8. Hi Sarah, what lovely post to be receiving. The little bluebirds are so sweet but then again I do have a bit of a soft spot for them. Sorry I have taken a while to come and visit. I am the Secretary of our school PTA and we are going full steam ahead towards the Christmas Raffle so I have been doing little else at the moment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and fingers crossed the Sun will put his hat on :)

  9. What a lucky girl you are indeed!
    Those cards look perfect on the vintage wrapping. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    Lisa x


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