Sunday 10 May 2015


...I introduce you to some shopping, walking, reading, cooking, other words the weekend!


...that's all folks! 
No need for blurb from me I thought! Except to say that I could stare at the velvety owl fluff at that sits next to the Boodle's ears for days...and never stop feeling the heart swelling choke in my throat when I do...
- -x - -


  1. You do make me happy XXX

  2. I love love love bluebell woods. Gorgeous pics.

  3. Simply lovely (I still just want to come and live in your kitchen) Jx

  4. Lovely pics
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Goodness Sarah, it's been such a long time. I didn't realise moving took so much out of you! But your home is looking so lovely and you've really put your own touch to it. It looks beautiful.

    Nina xXx

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