Saturday 15 March 2014

Venice part 2: Per Rialto Mercato

Inadequate, I don't know if I have the words to describe the way I feel when I arrive at a food market.
 I have a hunch that it may reflect a little of Boodle's unbridled joy when I return home. Helicopter tail* and involuntary wiggling...hmm, that's definitely virtual helicopter tail whirls and twirls when I arrive at a food market.I know that my labrador like enthusiasm for life can be unnerving for some and for the most part I manage to keep it well concealed beneath a reserved English exterior but, from time to time it bursts through and manifests in a twirl, clap, squeal.( Those dearest to me are rolling their eyes. )

I wandered open mouthed. My head was dancing with scrolls of recipes...ingredients galore presented me with myriad possibilities. I wish I could distill the glorious pleasure in visiting this bustling canalside market into a tonic I could bottle. A feast for one's soul, as good as all those oranges squeezed and drunk fresh, pith and all.

* Helicopter tail : rapid circular swish with occaisional side swings.See fig.1 below... Also involuntary floor thumps if too tired to get up.
...and this after I had been gone an hour..if you look carefully you'll spot my helicopter twirling too...


  1. Beautiful shots of the market! I think I have an invisible tail that swishes about when I am at a good market or place to see. Yes I bore my lot too. Venice is now on my places to visit xx

  2. Totally with you on joy in food markets ... not that I have a helicopter tail, whippets don't do that so neither do I ... instead they jump to my shoulder height if I allow it, sadly I'm not as springy.

    Gorgeous photography :)


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