Thursday 2 May 2013

Cherry petticoats...Forsythia frills

This week the song is blackbird sweet.
Along the drive a rather unpromising row of trees, strangely misshapen by the wind, straggly. Most of the year they occupy their position with a quietly green understated shyness. But, just now they are starring in the Lane's annual blossom festival.
Like a row of ballerinas, the corps de ballet lined up in the wings. Straight slender legs topped with extravagant cherry petticoats. Through the trunks you can glimpse the glorious stage~all set for the glory of the main event...summer.
The house sits happily in its frilly frame.
Outside the back door the Sussex countryside that floats off beyond the gate is washed with the most delicate tint of spring green. Every morning a new wash is added and the colour strengthens.
An impromptu seating area ~ somewhere to breathe and take in breakfast (sun~feast). Fat fuzzy bumble bees drinking in the first nectar. The willow's newly grown mop head dancing and quivering..."love, love me do..."
And the blackbird sings a little louder.
I curtsey in front of the cherrys.
I nod to the forsythia
"Nice to see see you, nice!"


  1. What a lovely post, enjoying your pictures so much.Brings me to your beautiful country for a little while....xo

  2. Good Afternoon Sarah-Jane, How lovely to see so much green and to see the blossom on the trees. Our blossom is still tightly closed on the branches, but with the warmer days we will soon be able to enjoy the flowers.
    Aahh, Forsythia, such a lovely yellow and such pretty flowers.
    Best Wishes

  3. What a wonderfully poetic post to the lushness that we are currently enjoying.
    Lisa x

  4. I love your annual blossom festival and other delights from your spring garden.
    Sarah x

  5. Such beauties as a backdrop for that gorgeous view. Our forsythia is nearly done and the blossom is not quite out, but soon...very soon now and then lots of lovely fruit in the autumn.

    Nina x

  6. Such lovely trees, look like things are warming up now. Have a great weekend.

  7. So wonderful to finally be welcoming Spring ... Sarah x

  8. What a beautiful house you live in! The tree looks lovely!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  9. I love this burgeoning, fecund time of year

  10. Delightful images of such a beautiful place :) This whole post screams 'Spring!'

  11. I love your petticoats.....Heidi

  12. Sarah, I love your delightful posts - I dream of the day when I can visit your neck of the woods. I'm planning a trip to England in Sept. and want to travel down the coast to your area, and Cornwall and see lots of gardens and castles and such. Any suggestions?

  13. Hi Sarah, First thing I did on getting home was to join the merry band of followers of your blog. It was great to meet you today. Viv was made up with her posy, what a wonderful thought. Interflora, garage-forecourt, supermarket bunches eat your heart out.




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