Wednesday, 16 January 2013

crusted, rusted, frosted and dusted

The Frost performs it's secret ministry
Unhelped by any wind....
Rust is ripeness, rust.
At the very bottom of Dangerfield, where the slope melts into the shadowy wooded copse...over my shoulder the red tiled hat of the Lane with it's chimney stack poking smartly skywards.
Makes the corners of my blue lips turn up when I see it perched up there.
The frozen tufts and the shivering oak at the top of the hill.
Behind the Cowshed, old junkery looks patinated and beautiful in its crusted finery.
A wreath of barbed wire takes my breath.
Anyone fancy a go at this wiry cat's cradle?
The bracken in the field margins, all crusted, rusted, frosted and dusted.



  1. Brrrr! Beautiful, but so cold. Lovely photos. We look the same here. Wrap up warm and have a cup of tea! Minerva x

  2. hi beautiful photos....Im sure you were freezing taking them, very cold and grey here, ali

  3. No snow, but gorgeous, wonderful and amazing frosts. More beautiful then the white stuff don't you sparkles.

    Fingers crossed for the weekend - I'm sure we will all get at least a dusting...if not snowed it - now there's a thought.

    Nina x

  4. A wonderful title matched with equally wonderful images. There are some advantages of the cold!
    Sarah x

  5. Ooooh I'm looking at these in just the right place - in front of a roaring fire! Your photos are beautiful and I love the comment about the red tiled 'hat' x

  6. frost!
    heading to 39ÂșC here today
    would much prefer your iciness

  7. Hello Sarah
    Lovely to meet you too,thanks for popping intomy blog and saying hi. We live on the coast in Bexhill-on-Sea and were fortunate to wake up to a white sprinkling on all the roof tops and cars etc. with snow on Monday morning but unfortunately (as I love snow) it melted as quick as it appeared. I'm crossing fingers for this weekend though,I love it when it snows on the beach.
    Beautiful frosty photo's,I adore the glittery sparkle of frost too. Right I'm off to have a look round your lovely blog xox Penelope

  8. Oh it looks so very cool, lovely photos.

  9. wonderful words and photography ;0)x

  10. Beautiful words and photos, it all makes me feel even colder than I already am!
    No snow here as yet, but I think we won't escape it tomorrow.
    Keep warm and snuggly.
    Lisa x

  11. A winter poem in pictures and words. Thank you for the treat.

  12. As I read through your past posts, I am struck and in love with how you find beauty in basically, everything. And your words are beautiful...I can see things just as you describe them. And I can feel the cold from these right through my screen!
    I'm happy to be here..... :)


    p.s. my whole life, my parents have called me Sarah Jane. xo

  13. Thank you for your love letter to winter

  14. Your posts are always so poetic Sarah you have a lovely way with words. Frost turns the ordinary into the extraordinary - quite magical x

  15. What lovely photos, the frost makes everything look so different.

  16. Beautiful images and photos. Hoar frost is such a sight to see, a bonus for winter time :)

  17. Love the photographs and the words - such a great 'feel' of what the frost is like.
    I've linked to this post on my blog -


  18. Great photos, we love reading your posts. x

  19. Hi Sarah,
    Beautiful frosty photos. Down here in the West Country we've had little frost and virtually no snow. It's just been grey and wet. Keeping my head down and waiting for Spring!

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  21. Hi Sarah-Jane, Have just found you via A Cottage in Totteridge. Gorgeous photos and thoughts. I will be a constant visitor from now on! It's flooding and still raining here in South East Queensland, Australia with flooding widespread over the eastern part of the State, the spin off from Tropical Cyclone Oswald. Kind regards

  22. looks wonderful

    get in touch when you are in Amsterdam and we have some coffee

  23. Missed this! Perfect images from before the snow came :)

  24. What a beautifully wintry post - I can still appreciate it! ;) I, too, love the rust of autumn into winter - but, here, eventually, it gets completely flattened by the snow - so magic while it lasts, though. I can't help but think that brownies and fairies enjoy rusted, mushroomed woods! (I think you're the only one I could say that, too! =P)

    Your post for mother's day was very moving - I didn't want to blip a two second comment on it - just wanted it to hang in the air for a moment.

    and I enjoyed and studied your post from London - more than this short comment would show. I hadn't realized that I've missed so much. I've been checking my blog dashboard so sporadically.

    Kind of fun to wend my way back through the season.... I wonder if there's more?


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