Saturday 22 December 2012

Quality Lane

In the olden days before Quality Street there was Quality Lane!!!
A place where bright jewel like colours were positively encouraged and clashing was de rigeur!
So this year, as we have had a right Royal Jubylmpic time of it we are celebrating with a jumble of sweetie tin colours!

 All looking a bit shakey right! 
Taken with my iphone a little bit too excited are some taken later with my camera and possibly in focus?
I think it would be safe to say THE MOJO IS BACK!!!
"Merry Christmas"


  1. You know, we had a vintage Land Rover for a couple of years. My husband's dream! I should have made him keep it but we consolidated into one vehicle. =/ But, scusi - I'm responding to the end of the last post (just read) - I'm out of order.

    Your home - the colors - it's so festively perfect! So pretty!!! Color mojo, indeed! =] But, I do love the naturals on your front door! I did the same as you thought of.... I left my tree undecorated for a week. It was so pretty and fresh and lovely just how it was!

    Merry Christmas, Sarah-Jane! =]


  2. Ooh I love a colourful home! Very lovely, so glad your mojo's back Sarah Jane! Have a fab Christmas

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Love these treats...we always buy a big tin for Christmas...sending your oodles of blessings for a joyful Christmas. xo

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  5. Your flowers arrangements are stunning!
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Lisa x

  6. Love the vibrant colours!

    Happy Christmas Sarah xx

  7. I do love a colorful Christmas, and yours is certainly a glorious riot of color...I just love all those combinations.

  8. Glad your mojo is back - can you help me find mine, lol?

    That is a lovely collection of platters you have there on yon dresser Miss Sarah.

    Merry Christmas

  9. Beautiful home - came I come and live with you....?
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. I like the idea of taking your inspiration from a tin of choccies. What would Christmas be without Quality Street?

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas & a fabulous 2013!


  11. What a beautiful colourful home you have Sarah, I do love Quality Street my favourite is the purple one with the caramel and nut in. so glad you have got your mojo back. Have a wonderful Christmastime. jayne x

  12. I'm loving your flower arrangements, and all the colours you've got going on there!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.

  13. I love the Quality Street box. So many memories. I think it's the case for many people. Thank you.

    Happy Holidays from a Chilean travel writer in Paris.

    Francisca Mattéoli

  14. It all looks lovely! I do hope you had a quality Christmas :D

    Happy New Year!


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