Tuesday 13 November 2012

Fair Trade

It would be a "Fair" assumption that Saturday's Selvedge Winter Fair was a triumph, especially if you are of a similar persuasion to me!
Such a lovely venue, Chelsea Town Hall. 
Oh, and to be wandering along Kings Road early on a Saturday Morning was bliss for this Lane girl. Flat white and almond croissant in hand, humming to myself as I gazed at Christmas behind glass.
Anthropologie is situated in one of my favourite tiled buildings on the corner of Flood Street ~ I have seen this building in several incarnations and this is definitely the happiest fit.

Arriving early, I queued along with several other early birds...quietly enjoying their banter and admiring their style, for there were many stylish peeps to look at. Drifted off into a reverie gazing up at the cornicing and window details...Did somebody blow the whistle? Suddenly we surged through the doors...
...and I found myself delivered straight to Gil Fox, the purveyor of glorious hats and other embellishments. Gil's stand was brimming with twinkle and soft pinks and muted greens and palest duck egg. Corsages and brooches nestled amongst a forest of tiny snow dusted fir trees.
You can find Gil's Hats here.
Next, I spy Jessie Chorley, you may remember I have posted about Jessie's wonderful workshops here and here. Jessies' stand was brimming with her beautiful hand stitched treasures and her up-cycled pieces. I fell in love with a gorgeous fob watch brooch made my Jessie's Mum, Primmy....it was snaffled up almost immediately by someone else! Jessie had also fashioned a wonderful bird garland embellished with pearls and great long tassels...brilliant! 
So thrilled to see her and looking forward to joining her at one of Columbia Road's Christmas shopping events have a look here for more information, it's wonderful.
You can find out about Jessie here.
Then I gazed longingly at Claire Fletcher's Tambourines on the Made in Hastings stand...another favourite Christmas hangout! In fact all of Hastings Old Town is well worth a visit if you find yourself over this way...
Next! Lampshade obsession indulged thanks to the wonderful work of Polly from Folly and Glee
Wow some gorgeous vintage barkcloth and a string of mini lampshades later, oh and did I mention the triumph that is Barkcloth sticky tape? Sorry my pants photos are doing a diservice to the lovely shades, fear not, when I have them all set up in the Cowshed I shall post some good pics!
For my final flourish a little trip back to Anthropologie where I fell in love with this swan and robin
...and I marvelled at the amazing exhibition of Su Blackwell's Sleeping Beauty delicately cut paper sculpture, there is a gorgeous book... 
...The Fairytale Princess, featuring Su's work published by Thames and Hudson...on my Christmas wish list
The Fairytale Princess
I am off to read all about your weekends, seems Christmas shopping is well under way! 
You know...one for you...one for me...present shopping!


  1. Hi Sarah Jane,
    I went to the fair too, absolutely loved it and was very naughty on the buying side. I'd really like to get onto one of Jessie's workshops, she was a delight to chat with. Look forward to seeing what you do with those lampshades.
    Hen x

  2. I've read about this fair on a few blogs. Looks fantastic. I agree about Chelsea Town Hall being a great venue. I used to work across the road from it on the corner of Sydney Street and used to love to go to various events there. I am longing for a walk along the Kings Road having lived out in Bucks for a while now. I haven't been into London since becoming a Mummy two years ago. I was glad to leave it behind after years of living and working there but am starting to feel I need a London fix, especially now I have found out there is an Anthropology on the Kings Road! Good job it wasn't there when I worked there or I would have never had any money! Fiona x

  3. Hmmmm... I like your Christmas present philosophy!

    So many fun things - I wish that I had wheels and money to go to something like this.... then, again.... I'm so rich, already!!! It's just that everyone seems to be going to these wonderful fairs - very fun!

    and, those tambourines.... just a week ago, I was on ebay pricing bodhrans. I seem to have a craving to add rhythm to the world... =/ (?????!!!)

    Lovely to visit! =]


  4. Oh what a lovely day out! Love everything, thos tambourines are gorgeous ... and I have an identical swan, [picked up from a charity shop for 50p] ... just wondering how much I would have had to part with in Anthropology?

    Love Claire xx

  5. Hi Sarah

    For those o us that are geographically challenged, thankyou for sharing your trip.

    Annie x

  6. Thank you for sharing Selvedge, it looked fab. Lizzie

  7. Looks like such a wonderful place to be, glad you had fun.

  8. Oh my, oh my, what a wonderful day you had!
    So many talented people and so many pretties for the eye and purse to behold!
    Lisa x

  9. Goodness! What lovely photographs and I am soooo jealous you were in the King's Road. I love it and used to live there 'once upon a time'. Lots of new things to look at here, thank you for sharing, will hop off and have a look. x

  10. Oh goodness, don't wish Christmas on me just yet ... I haven't got to the end of the run of October and November birthdays here.

    Isn't Su Blackwell's work amazing!

  11. That looks like an amazing fair to visit. How lucky that you can visit such delights living relatively close to London. The paper sculpture look amazing and your croissant sounded good too!
    Sarah x

  12. Oh my! I'm not sure if I'm deliriously happy to read about such an amazing day (even the very beginning, with an almond croissant!!) or totally green with envy at not being able to go because I live on the other side of the world!!! Hmmm, I keep dithering between the two ;-)


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