Sunday 21 October 2012

Ever Sew Crafty

Sarah Moore that is! 
Early start yesterday ~ train to catch. 
Once in London I route marched from Charing Cross to Liberty in record time, on a mission to capture some morning shots of Nicky Tibbles, Wild at Heart flowers.
There, at the main entrance on Great Marlborough Street. they shine against the black tudor timber.
Just enough time for a twirl around inside, so many lovely things in the Stationery Department at the moment, aaarrrghhhhh!
Yes I did!
Ayway, enough! 
The real reason for my trip was to join Sarah Moore for her masterclass at the Liberty Sewing School. You may be thinking, Sarah Moore? sounds familiar, and you'd be right! 
Country Living magazine have a new "simple makes" series featuring Sarah's lovely projects.
 and she is also the author of 
 Homemade Gifts Vintage Style a glorious day ensued. 
I do so admire generosity and Sarah has it in spades. 
Vintage wallpapers, pretty buttons, bindings, antique velvet, welsh wool blankets spilled forth from baskets and crates and we could help ourselves!
First up, a patchwork noticeboard ~ Oh my pie all those gorgeous hexagons, Sarah was so encouraging and we all made really pretty boards. I was just so excited to be allowed free access to Sarah's stash of goodies. After lunch a strawberry pin-cushion made from a vintage velvet curtain, corsages made from love worn blankets and antique fabrics....
 My corsage turned into a rosette....couldn't resist the blanket fringe!
 And to finish? We wrapped soaps in vintage papers, so simple and so gorgeous...look out Christmas!
  I heartily recommend Sarah's book and her Country Living series. I found her easy, relaxed confidence both refreshing and inspirational, I will be buying her book as a gift and as a go-to resource for lovely vintage inspired projects.

Happy weekend to you all, can't wait to hear about what you are making in readiness for the Jolly Season!


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day, thanks for sharing it.

  2. That sounds a wonderful day out. I love Liberty my Mum used to take me there for tea and cakes when I was a child. What a wonderful place to do a master class. I have been enjoying Sarah's articles in Country Living too. You made such lovely things, I especially love that strawberry pin cushion!
    Sarah x

  3. What a spectacular day out that was! In such fab surroundings too.
    Love your new makes. Bet you are all fired up with even more creative ideas now!
    Lisa x

  4. ooh beautiful! what a fab day out! i'm now drooling over the stationery papergoods pic ;)) ooh i wonder what your inkling is..i have no idea & nobody has even told me what they think it will be! hehe! xxx

  5. Sounds like a lovely and fun day out, you made some lovely things.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Looks like you had a fabulous time, it sounds like Liberty's is almost becoming your second home! Your strawberry is so cute!


  7. Hi Sarah, ooh I love that book ... So much that it was the prize in my Giveaway not long ago! Love the country living series too xxx

  8. I have special day envy!!! Looks amazing - you lucky lady. Right now I'd settle for a trip to Liberty (I love that stationary section)

    Gorgeous pictures as always
    fee x

  9. Yes of course - I was just reading her recent article at the weekend in CL 'big sigh'

    Nina x

  10. What a fantastic day I am so envious. How incredible to be allowed access to her gorgeous things! I would have been in seventh heaven. I love your corsage with the fringing, just perfect. I am working on some vintage looking stamped Christmas tags at the moment. jayne x

  11. Sounds like you had a fabulous day, just love the strawberry you made.

  12. How delicious! How did you find out about Liberty classes?

    1. Hey Laura!
      Check out the Liberty Sewing School here:

      join the Sew Liberty club for all the details of up and coming classes.
      Haven't forgotten our other classes...I'll be in touch

  13. Oh Wow! What a lovely day.
    I must seek our her book
    Julie xxxxx

  14. What a fun day that looks to have been ... I'm quite green. It's an age since I've travelled to London, it's such a very long way from North Wales!

  15. What a great day.
    I'm always loitering by the flowers outside Liberty. Always so inspirational, and I haven't been arrested for stalking yet!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  16. What a coincidence, I was just looking through Sarah's book this morning for some inspiration!

  17. What a perfect strawberry. What a perfect post!

  18. Why - THE very magazine! gasp! =D

    and, oh my stars! You lucky duck and squeakity squeak! (er, quackity quack!)

    What a FUN day you must have had. A definite wowzer! if the flowers and fabrics weren't enough to make your trip worthwhile.

    In August I had a bunch of wonderfully practical ideas for Christmas gifts to make. They were really worthwhile gifts and easy-peasy. I mean, I had a BUNCH of ideas. I'd thought of the perfect thing to get my Tom, too. sigh and weep. After all these years, you'd think I'd, at least, write it down. =/


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