Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Super Saturday

My mind is whirling zoetrope, chock full of sporting images. 
I have witnessed real life super-human endeavour, and it is breathtaking.
The Olympics really is the Greatest Show on Earth and the Olympic Park isn't bad either!
...and all the while I kept thinking how great this park will be long after the Olympics and marvelling at the flowers, all those nodding heads...thinking of Sarah Raven's Rivers of Flowers....corridors of wild flowers in our towns and cities...

 Phew, no words really....just a jumble of memories and feelings.

On the way home we met these lovely ladies! Such fun!


  1. What great photos, the olympics are intoxicating, I wish we could keep it!

  2. Simply wonderful! I have loved every minute and wish I could have gone along!
    Great photos...the flowers are beautiful ;-)

  3. Your photos are really lovely, the flowers are so pretty. Glad you enjoyed your Olympic experience.
    Lisa x

  4. Look like so much fun, we still our Olympic park all the time.

  5. Fantastic pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Am loving the Olympics so much. My lucky hubbie is there today watching to the hockey and getting to go to a British Hockey Team pre match 'do' as one of his ex pupils is playing in the team. To say I am jealous is an understatement! Will have to watch on telly this evening to see if I can spot him in the crowd. I've instructed him to take loads of photos although telling him to get some good shots of the wild flowers didn't go down too well!

  6. I am in awe of all the competitors, I have hardly left my sofa, watching the dedication and achievements are just awe inspiring. I have loved every minute and look forward to the paralympics too. Lovely photos and flowers. jayne x

  7. Isnt it all brilliant? We went to the Olympic football in Manchester, the atmosphere was terrific.

    And arent team GB doing us proud?


  8. We are all hooked with the Olympics and are watching so many sports we wouldn't have seen before. I do feel for the competitors who have their dreams shattered. Your photos of the Olympic park are wonderful especially those flowers. We have seen quite a few sailing races down here and it is so great to be a part of it.
    Sarah x

  9. Oh wow Sarah - that looks totally amazing. We've been watching lots here at home, but I cam imagine the atmosphere actually being there.

    Nina xxx

  10. What fun...you are so blessed to be right there. I have been doing a lot of watching...my eyes have been glued to the TV! xoxoox Not getting much else done.

  11. Oh it was so wonderful to watch! Your pictures are divine - SO colourful and jolly! I'm desperate for the Paralympics to begin - am feeling absolutely lost without a reason to cheer at the television at the top of my voice all day!
    Paula x


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