Monday 6 June 2011


Ta Ta For Now!

Farewell my lovely Lane x

Thank you for looking after us so well.......

I am about to lose my internet connection so until the New Lane is connected I will bid you adieu but I shall be back in a couple of weeks all being well! Look out for us then,

Love Sarah, Mr.Lane and the Boodle xXx

ps. Are you reading this Jody? I hope so ~ good luck with the "Forest" I hope it's the one I'm thinking of? I am so, so thrilled the Lane has been a helpful spot to travel to, thank you x


  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing your lovely blog back online soon! Hope your moving goes smoothly and as painlessly as possible ;).

  2. Good luck with the move! See you very soon! Cx

  3. Oh hope your not gone too long!

    All things nice...

  4. I'll be looking forward to reading your blog when you're back on line.
    I'm sure it will be busy, tiring BUT so exciting.
    Love to you

  5. All the best, already looking forward to the first post from the new lane! xx

  6. wishing you so much love, luck and happiness in your new home xxx

  7. Oh goodness I am so far behind and obviously need to have a good old read to understand what's going on here! Best of luck with your move, do hope all goes to plan and that lots and lots more luck is awaiting you all at your new home.

    Kate x

  8. Ok, this is my second try to leave you a comment.

    Come back soon and BE SURE to comment on my newest posting. Those handmade Danish porcelain enameled numbers would look GREAT on your cottage.

    Till next time,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  9. SJ!
    write soon!
    I'll miss you!
    hope you all settle in and the place becomes 'home' in a twinkle

  10. This is very exciting. Stay in touch!

    xo jane

  11. Thank you Sarah, now you have made me smile! I will miss your posts and can definitely empathize with the moving bit. Sending lots of good wishes your way!

  12. Good luck Sarah and happy travels across the border.

    I know you won't get this for a couple of weeks, but I'm thinking of you in your new adventure - can't tell you enough how excited I am for you. I want lots and lots of pictures by the way!

    take care,

    Nina xxx

    ps. I got your message too late - if I had known, Mr Lane could of passed this way and taken elderflower fizz and strawberry jam goodies back with him. Maybe next time? N xxx

  13. Good Luck with your move - hoe all goes well, look forward to catching up with you soon!
    Gill xx

  14. Sassafras,
    Can I plant a bed of daffodils under your new window sil? Wish we could alleviate the drudgery of packing and share the joy of unpacking in the new laneway. Nostalgic sentiments for Maresfield setting in from the Faraways with much love. Xxxx

  15. Dear SJDTL
    I wish you much happiness in your new nest and lots of fun feathering it!
    How exciting!!!
    We hope to be on the move soon too.. We must compare 'moving' stories one day.
    Michele xx

  16. oooh I've missed something - didn't know you were moving.
    Hope it all goes well and you're noew adventure gets off to a good start.
    come back soon
    fee x

  17. Sarah Jane, BEE-UTIFUL BLOG! I am looking forward to your new posts.
    Kindest regards!

  18. Very exciting and look forward to your new news.

    Miss Sarah-Jane, just so that you know that i really, really am listening.... I watched "Bright Star", today. Sobbed my eyes out but not before I noted how BEAUTIFUL it was. Sigh. (I just watched something about Byron, a few days ago, too, and I think that that's enough of Romantic poets for me for a few weeks! I'm getting quite moody!) I loved it, too!=]

  19. BTW, I meant that I loved the movie *about Keats*, too.

  20. Good luck with your wonderful new movex am very jealous but so happy for you. Lyndax


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