Sunday, 6 February 2011

After the flood

This week I have been to the English Riviera and back!
To spend time with the Magpie (my Mum).
You see you might surmise from the title of this post "Oh no a flood!" it must be Daddy Lane who is in Queensland...."No, not he? Oh it must be little brother Lane in Melbourne?" And you would be quite right to suppose they were caught up in all the terrible weather events we have seen played out on the news back here in Blighty.
In fact it was the Magpie who received a phonecall from a very concerned neighbour (as we were all tucking into our cold turkey on Boxing Day) to say that water was pouring out from her cottage!
Lets just say the damage was imense as was the heartbreak.
But being the resilient, smart, shiny, resourceful Magpie that she is, a new nest has been found!

Yes still in the English Riviera, a wonderful spot above Meadfoot Beach.

The Osborne Hotel sits just above Meadfoot Beach on Hesketh Crescent and the new nest is tucked up in the cliff above.

During the search for the new nest I spent a little time researching Meadfoot Beach and came across this brilliant old photo of a family having an outing to Meadfoot in 1927

Isn't it wonderful?
Love the cloche hats!
Being the beginning of February it was rather blustery and so hats were not an option for us as we took a little stroll down to the beach.....
here is the Magpie with crescent in the background.

Some of the architecture in this part of Torquay is amazing, wonderful grand Victorian villas, lots of gothic details. I could have wandered the streets all day admiring the buildings.
(I unpacked boxes instead!)

In the homeless interim Magpie has been staying here at Merlewood House

Run by the very talented Wendy, I thoroughly recommend you take a look at the website and consider staying there if are ever taking a trip to Torquay.
I love the fact that Torquay is built on seven hills like Rome and as the sun rose early on Thursday morning I couldn't resist snapping the view from my bedroom window.

Gorgeous hazy morning light!

Here's to the Riviera and the promise of Spring and new beginnings!
Happy new home to the Magpie and anyone else who is nesting somewhere new


  1. so where did the water come from?
    you are so mini-magpie!!
    merlewood house looks lovely!

  2. Ha ha! I love the mini Magpie reference!
    The water came pouring from a burst pipe in the roof, through the ceiling soaking into a double bed all day, then finally through the floor/ceiling and into the dining room below!

    And it just kept on coming.......awful! The smell was just terrible!

    It seems that the thaw was too sudden and too quick. It is quite unusual for Devon and Cornwall to get snow and relentless sub-zero temperatures and there was a record number of burst pipes as a result.

    Phew that was a long ramble! Sorry Pen!


  3. As was the case in Holland, the burst pipes I mean. Awful.
    I'll be waving when I go to Devon in a few weeks time.

  4. Wow, Torquay looks amazing - so pretty! Have never been there, but looking at these pics I think I need to make the effort!

    Hope your mum loves her new place.


  5. Oh thanks for the tour, the buildings are amazing!! Crazy weather in this world right now, in Australia we have - all at the same time - floods, cyclones, bushfires & drought. Not sure how much more we can stand really?? Love Posie

  6. Hello there Sarah
    It is terrible how the weather can wreak such havoc. Hope your mum is well nested. I must get down to Torquay have never been.
    Have a good week.
    Jo x

  7. Not great for your Magpie at all, but you all seem to be looking for the brighter side and finding it.

    For me I was thrilled when you showed the Osborne. We stayed there July 2000. We'd just got our students through their A'levels and then ran off to Torquay with me four weeks away from having Eldest Bun. It was glorious and such a delight to find as my beloved aunt had had her honeymoon there. Reminded me of romantic days when it was just the two of us.

    Hope all goes well for your mum Sarah-Jane


  8. Oh my goodness, what a lot to cope with.
    So pleased for your mum she has been able to find a new home she can love.
    Hope your borther and his family are ok too.
    Lisa x

  9. It's nice to see someone being so positive about Torquay,seeing as I am always so scathing!! LOL!
    Sadly, Torquay town centre is not the place it once was but there are still many beautiful buildings, especially in the area of Meadfoot.
    Hope your mum settles happily into her new home!

  10. What a lovely little place for your Mum to settle into. We always visited Torquay as a child and my husband and I stayed in a lovely little hotel there once when he had business that way.

    Absolutely adore that picture of the family at the beach - so formal and fancy!

    Hope you have had a grand weekend.

  11. Every time I hear Torquay, it reminds of my one of my favourite tv lines - From Fawlty Towers - Madame, what sort of a view do you expect to see out of a Torquay hotel window - the hanging gardens of Babylon?....or something to that effect.


  12. Your poor Mum!! But I agree that Meadfoot Beach and the crescent are so lovely. XXXX

  13. Torquay is lovely, even in February. We've been to stay for a weekend every Feb for the last few years...not made it this one though - shame!
    We always enjoy the mild (to us from the frozen north) weather. I feel so sorry for anyone flooded...must be dreadful.

  14. I really wanted to visit the place and get to spend time at 15B Hesketh Crescent Torquay. It's such a wonderful place to relax and think about nothing but to enjoy. Torquay has an old fashion appeal that's soi endearing and the crescent is so lovely too.

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