Saturday 2 October 2010

Weekend (b)ramble!

Ah, the weekend at last!
It has begun to feel misty and Autumnal here Down the Lane so today I am going to hit the hedgerows!
to pick some of these black beauties
the hedges are dripping with them at the moment

and then home to bake.........

I love the alchemy that takes place when you begin to warm a pan of blackberries.
Wonderful warm jam escapes from the berries and the colour is dark damson not to mention the autumn smell that envelopes your kitchen.

Autumn fruit poached for breakfast

or a simple tart waiting for a simple dollop of creme fraiche, yum!

And then the snuggling............under quilts, by the fire ready to feast my eyes on the wonderful Downton Abbey, wasn't it good?

Dreaming of owning this lovely tweed coat..........
Reality is

We really need to dig over those veg beds!
PS. Good luck Felicity, fingers crossed your cha cha goes well!

Have a brilliant weekend
Sarah xXx


  1. I still have Downton Abbey to watch! Maybe a bit of duvet snuggling later whilst I watch that is in order. I've got blackberries in the freezer I'm hoping to bake with today,so a slice of cake and tea will be in order too!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  2. Mmm, the smell of blackberries simmering in the pan is very different to any other fruit. I haven't made blackberry jam for a long time since there aren't many around here. I remember my granddad though, he used to make it every summer.
    Lovely quilt.
    I enjoyed your ramble, please do enjoy your (b)ramble(s).

  3. blackberries!
    could you mail them to me??

  4. That sounds like my idea of a blissful weekend. Downton was great and I am really looking forward to the next one too x

  5. Oooh yum...!

    I hit the hedgerows myself this morning and look what I found - it relates to your last toadstooly post, I think you'll like it :-)

    Love Charlotte

  6. Firstly, my flowery me harvesting blackberries is a true gift from nature, where else can you enjoy such delicious food for free.
    Secondly, Downton, I can't wait for the next one and feel a DVD purchase coming on soon. Exquisite escapism is every way.
    Beautiful and inspiring post, as always. x

  7. Ohhhh, I cant wait to go blackberring! :) xxx

  8. The blackberries look heavenly {so does the tart!}. Snuggling inside under a quilt sounds heavenly is cold and raining here! But Autumn IS in the air and I love that!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!


  9. Oh I love your blackberry have me in the baking mood now. Must run to the kitchen and see what yummies I can create..don't you love these days!!!?

    Fall hugs my sweet friend.

    I so want that Red Living that whats it called?

  10. Ooh,lovely ...I can almost smell the aroma of those blackberries from here! Will be getting cosy tomorrow night with Downton Abbey...isn't it good? :o)

  11. There's something about blackberrying (made-up word?) that takes us back to being a child again I think, that delight at being able to pick food and stuff it into your mouth straight away! And of course the purple fingers and tongue as a result!
    Am I the only one that thought Downton Abbey was completely ruined by the INFURIATING frequency of the adverts! I timed it - just ten minutes of drama followed by FIVE WHOLE MINUTES OF ADVERTS! then another ten minutes of drama and another five mins of adverts, etc. etc. arghhhhhhh! Adverts are bad enough at the best of times, but when it's a period drama you don't want to thrust back into modernity with such jarring frequency. Rant over!
    (Maggie Smith is brilliant though as ever.)

  12. I thought I'd finished blackberrying but I might have to find a few more! Ooh the possibilities ...

    But lets leave some for the mice and birds. Of course.
    ps thanks for visiting

  13. How serendipitous.. I was just thinking about you and opened up my mail to find a comment. Maybe it was Wilbur communicating through the Dogstar.. he sends his regards by the way.
    Normally I embrace this season with a fondness for the fading days and hedgerows.. but on a day like today with a deluge outside.. I will content myself with your delicious photographs and stay in bed just little longer.
    Much love
    Michele xx

  14. Oh lovely! Hello by the way.
    I can smell those blackberries from

  15. What a mouth-watering post. Delicious!

  16. Sarah Jane,
    Thanks so much for sharing your blackberry weekend!
    Sounds lovely... Here in New England we are having an apple crannberry weekend! I'll be preparing an old fashioned apple crip with cranberries ( Massachussetes is known for its' cranberries) while a big pot of chili simmers on the stove in our humble cottage kitchen...
    Weekends are so wonderful aren't they?
    Dandelion Wishes,

  17. Yummy blackberries! The breakfast compote looks delish!

  18. I was baking with windfall apples today, just in time to curl up to watch Downton.

  19. Have just found your lovely blog! it is beautiful, I am now following you and cannot wait to read more,
    Downton Abbey is great, I think everyone I know is hooked!!
    Looking forward to reading more,
    Andrea x

  20. Downton certainly was great and I am soooo happy to see Strictly back on the box! xxx

  21. Love blackberries! I must watch Downton, I have missed it so far! Susie xx

  22. Hi Sara-Jane, I suspect I'm not far away from you at all on the Kent/East Sussex border. I took a leaf our of your book and visited Firle on our anniversary last month and had a wonderful day walking on the South Downs and scrumptious meal at the Ram. All thanks to your post. Thank goodness there's something worth watching on TV again since Sherlock. Downton Abbey. You're welcome to stop by at my Boo's Cottage blog anytime.

  23. wonderful, you have inspired me (once this weekend is over and I have more time for me!) Lizzie x

  24. It feels like Autumn has all but gone round these parts now - it has turned decidedly Winterish here in Suffolk.

    I am off to Cornwall later in the month and immediately thought of you as a font of knowledge - where would you absolutely recommend I visit?



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