Thursday 5 August 2010

What's the Deal with Sandwich?

This week Mr. Lane anounced an "away day".
This is excellent news!
Every once in a while we head off for some new pastures within a reasonable distance. This summer we have been exploring the Kent Coastline.
We live in West Kent, practically in Sussex so the Kentish coast is some distance.
Our destination?
(home of the golf course! Not that I am in the least bit interested about that, sorry Dad!)
Can you imagine my delight when the very first thing I spot as I climb out of the jallopy is this sign!
More on this later!
Sandwich turns out to be the most wonderful historic town. One of the "Cinq Ports"
Brilliant hotch potch of architectural styles and labrynth like streets.

We stopped for a spot of lunch in a good old fashioned pub called the Kings Arms.
I thoroughly recommend it for the warm welcome and the fantastic beer garden chock full of cottage garden favourites.

What a happy place this is.

Back to those wonderful streets and lanes

Luckily this lane leads back to here!

Do you know that I had absolutely no idea about "The Secret Gardens" here in Sandwich, they really are a secret! tee hee!

The house is Lutyens and the gardens were created by his friend and collaborater the amazing Gertrude Jekyll.
Squeal! Let's go inside

All these drifts of colour set my heart pounding!

love the dahlias in front of the old wall

simply joyous!

just look at the depth of those borders

Through a snicket in the hedge around the corner from the Bowling Green I come upon this

honestly! the prettiest cottage with this glowing yellow garden

and then into this gorgeous white garden

There's more!
I am never showing you my lettuce bed again!
look at this!

the stems on this ruby chard look stunning

What a treat that was!
"Onwards" cried Mr. Lane " I think we should go to Deal, it's just down the road"

Deal is much bigger!
( Get it? "Big Deal!")

There are lots of pretty streets leading to the sea-front and "Sea Street"

The pier is a thoroughly modern affair but I rather liked the angular lines it creates

there are some nice places to stay too

wonderful "away day"
thanks Mr.Lane you're the best x
Hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever that might be


  1. Wow!!!
    What a fantastic thing to do, going away exploring things!!!!
    And what a beautiful place/places....with that gorgeous secret garden!!!!
    I like! A lot!

    Seems to me, you had a wonderful time, with Mr Lane =)!
    Hope to see more from your "away days" in the future =)!

    Have a lovely thursday!

  2. I see Mr Boodle get to have an away day too
    its lovely to have 'away days'...... think I need a few!

  3. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! sarah your posts are gorgeous! ooh you've given me some well needed floral inspiration for a new card design ;0) xxx

  4. I'm wide-eyed at your blog! So many pretty things to look at...where to start?
    I have traced my family back to Kent and am pleased to meet you ...cousin LOL ! :)

  5. Beautiful..your little tours always make me so happy..Sandwich is a lovely spot. There is a Sandwich in Maine {I think it is Maine} that is just as lovely...I always told my husband I want to live in Sandwich...I will take your Sandwich too. Hugs my friend. xoxo

  6. Thanks for taking me along on your adventure. Your photos are wonderful and so enticing. They make me want to drop everything and pack my bags for a personal visit.

  7. how lovely!! my hubbie would never suggest somrthing like that..sandwich looks so pretty xx

  8. Great post - there used to be signs to the village pointing one way to Ham and the other way to Sandwich - but the sign kept getting pinched!

  9. Yes Thank You Mr Lane, because we get to go along too. Was that sweet peas I saw growing in the Secret garden? and those lettuces- how orderly - like little obedient soldiers. What a great day out. Thanks so much for sharing

  10. Oh, Sarah-Jane, you're a wonderful wonder! Thank you for sharing every single one of these photos and taking us with you!!!!!! I wouldn't have wanted to miss it! All that's left to say is: "Lucky Duck!!"

    Love, Katy

  11. What lovely places, thanks for the tour! such pretty gardens and cottages to look at.

  12. Thank you so for sharing these photos of Sandwich and Deal. I would really love to see those secret gardens! Thanks again.

    Kay Guest

  13. Goodness this place look so gorgeous! Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  14. Wow.
    Will ahve to come back and read this post again when the depths of winter are with us.
    It's all stunning.
    So pleased you and Mr L had such a great day.
    Lisa x

  15. Heyyy, that garden is amazing - loved the white garden and the immaculate vegetables, you are very generous with your tours and I have really enjoyed discovering your blog!

  16. This was a very special treat for me to drink in. Thank you so much. I am making the plans for our September trip to Britain and now I guess It won't be too much of a big DEAL to Sandwich in the Secret Garden.

    Loved the tour,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  17. A beautiful, pretty post which made me smile :-)

    I've just re-designed the Cottontails blog and wanted to put together a really small and special list of recommended websites - and have included your lovely blog. It is one of my three favourite 'Countryside' websites - have a look on the right hand side.

    Thanks for continuing to write and photograph such lovely things

  18. What a beautiful house and garden ,specially loved the path photo and the one of the lettices, thanks for sharing your trip with us, great post ! Linda.

  19. Now why doesn't my garden look that good?
    I love these virtual tours of Britain. I have such wanderlust in my veins and rarely get beyond the west country... so lovely to see the other side of things!

    Michele xx

  20. Oh my! I am just speechless... What an amazing tour! Thank you! In honor of your wonderful blogging efforts, I am passing on The Versatile blogger award to you...I just love your blog and was thrilled to share it with my readers!
    Dandelion Wishes,

    ps. I live 10 minutes from the Sandwich in AMERICA! It has it's own special charms and Secret Gardens too!

  21. Sandwich and Deal are now firmly on "my list". Thanks for taking me. xxx

  22. So pretty flowers. A never ending pleasure as I scroll down and down and down...

  23. This has to be the most beautiful blog post I have ever seen! Just so very lovely. Thank you for sharing all these absolutely exquisite photos!

  24. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us! Beautiful photos!


  25. I have just tagged you to ask you some fun questions, hope that's fine with you? x

  26. Just came over via Belinda at Wild Acre! You have a lovely blog and such beautiful images - Deal (Old Town) in particular is one of my favourite places x

  27. Yours is one of the cutest, sweetest blogs I've seen. I hope you don't mind but I've put a link to it in my recent blog post. I'm new to blogging and I don't know the protocol, so I hope it's okay. Have a wonderful day!


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