Sunday, 18 July 2010

Halcyon days

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.................................... and let them unroll before us as the summer holidays commence.
Magical days that span Kent, Devon and Cornwall...filled with beach barbies, rock pools, pub lunches, castles, boats, ice-cream, fish and chips, Grandmas, Grandpas, flowers, oh and sand in absoloutley everything!

We do seem to have crammed quite a lot in!

and now they are gone
home to Melbourne
my faraways
(brother, sil and babies)

and I shall ache for them

thank you all for your lovely lovely holiday wishes
I look forward to reading about all your summer adventures
and to my new followers, "hello" so good to meet you, thanks for stepping down the Lane.


  1. welcome home sarah! i absolutely love your mosaics! beautiful hollyhocks & do i spot bodiam castle in there too? what great snippets from your time away with your loved ones :0) xx

  2. what lovely photos, and happy times for you and your family! Oh how I wish I could live in England, looking at your pictures just makes me want to be there!
    Your blog is gorgeous!

  3. How lovely your summer has been. You have been missed but it looks like you didn't miss a moment of fun!

    xoxo Jane

  4. Isn't England the best place to be for a wonderful summer holiday - just so long as the weather behaves.
    You look like you've had lots of fun.
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. Oh what fun and such lovely memories..your images are amazing.
    I am so happy your summer has been filled with JOY!
    Thank you for sharing today...sending you some love over the big blue ocean to your pretty world. oxxox

  6. Welcome back, so glad to catch up with you! It looks like you had a truly fabulous typical English holiday time too.
    So glad you had a wonderful time with family and look forward to finding out what the rest of the summer has in store for life down the lane.

  7. Welcome home!You have been busy and had an amazing time judging by your wonderful photos.So sad it all has to come to an end..but what memories you have eh?
    Got to wait until September before we go off on our hols!

    Bellaboo :0)

  8. Hi Sarah, love your photo collage! Looks like happy summer memories!

  9. Every wonderful picture tells a story of oodles of happy memories..
    Welcome home..

    Michele xx

  10. How, how, how have I missed the last three posts??? I do, however, feel like I've just won the lottery. I've enjoyed looking at all of your lovely photos. I zoomed right in and went back and forth. Now, I have images of sunny and fair children, stained glass windows, castles, rooftops, geraniums (oooo, I'm inspired!),oh, and all sorts of things - happy faces!

    Thanks for sharing it all!

    Love, Katy xo

  11. P.S. I've just left comments on the last 4 posts including this post. I don't know if you get notified via email or not.

  12. Wonderful moments!!! I loved!

  13. Beautiful collages jam packed with special memories !!
    Dianne xx

  14. Such gorgeous images Sarah. It sounds as though you had the best of times x

  15. Sarah, your place is always such a pleasure to visit, and you can almost smell the lovely English summer air from here!
    It's always a bit sad when the family leaves, but happy memories stay. Looks like you crammed heaps in. Love your current blog header.

  16. so glad you had a great time with them

  17. Welcome back : )
    I know just the achey
    feeling that you talk
    about. It IS so hard
    to be a great distance
    from loved ones, especially
    after you have had such
    special moments, together!
    I am LOVING those gorgeous
    English blooms in all of
    your pics and especially
    the wee garden in the
    first collage ~ HEAVENLY!
    xx Suzanne

  18. Dearest lovely to get a visit from what I think is a magical kingdom....I have a sweet friend named Sumea who lives near Wells, and she is from Skipping in the you know her? Thank you for visiting me and allowing me to follow back and see your enchanting world of little gardens, children, happiness and play. Do come back again and visit and have a cup of PG tips!!! Cheers! Anita

  19. What a woderful and very touching post!
    Having family abroad, I too know how difficult it is to see them go back home... and to say our goodbeys!
    And the children (your nephews?)are very cute!


  20. So many happpy smiling faces so there must have been lots of special memories made.
    Lisa x


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