Friday, 24 May 2013

Decorative Living Fair

Been a busy-bee...bursting with things to tell you about and show you. 
First things first though, here is my long overdue report on the Decorative Living Fair
Organised by Caroline Zoob and held at the bucolic Eridge Park.
The setting is so spectacular it is well worth a visit simply to soak up Spring and gaze down the valley...
I took this photo in 2007, I suppose that makes me a regular!
I especially love Eridge as, over the years, many of the exhibitors have become chums and I am thrilled to see them and their stands. All of the exhibitors at this fair have beautifully curated exhibits and lovingly made items. I marvel at their reinvention and creative displays. Fancy a decko?
In my eyes Viv from Hens Teeth can do no wrong, everything she touches becomes a little treasure. I adored her quilt back drop with gorgeous pieces displayed over it. Bunny Love!
Gil Fox Hat Designs is another stall I find hard to resist, she styles her corsages, fascinators and hats so beautifully. I thought her corsages displayed on vintage Observer books was a beautiful touch.
These chaps were standing guard over Caroline Zoob's new book The Hand Stitched Home...I think they are whispering seccrets...
Now I do look forward to a yarn with the wonderful Lucy of Love Lane Vintage...she is a wonderful purveyor of Vintage treasures and regularly organises Village Vintage held over in Wisborough Green. (Find out more here.) She has turned her talented hand to creating bespoke linen pieces...they are so gorgeous...Magpie is sporting a delicious grey linen Garden Coat, she loves, thank you Lucy -x-
This brilliant army of dogs was a real crowd pleaser!

 I do like a pop of red and there was lots!
Sarah Moore Vintage looked sensational, she has the best vintage fabric collection brilliantly worked into fabulous chickens, cushions and so much more. Wonderful velvet pea-pods bursting with floral peas staged in a colander, so whimsical! Sarah's new book Vintage Home looks amazing too.

 The Flower House, Mayfield had a lovely stall too ~ sweet peas and stocks, enough said!
I really loved the Old Haberdashery too, spent so much time admiring and purchasing vintage silk saris I didn't manage a single photo!
My favourite? Home Sweet Home by Viv from Hen's Teeth

 Awake with the larks, wandered around the garden in my dressing gown and wellies, accompanied by Boodle, nose twitching. Began snipping little sprigs and then posies began to emerge, took them to the fair in a trug and gave them to friends.


  1. Wow, wow, wow.
    What gorgeous nostalgic images.
    Those dogs, I can imagine they were a real crowd pleaser. My little sister had one just like it.
    Of course, I don't think we really appreciated it back then. Wish we still had it.


  2. It all looks so beautiful and the posies are gorgeous what lovely gifts ... Sarah x

  3. I must be hormonal today - this post brought tears to my eyes! How beautiful. All my favourite things in one post (Viv is my idol!)Wonderful photography too.

    fee xxx

  4. It looks like a lovely fair! Wish I was able to visit.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful day, so many pretty things. Your flowers are very pretty.

  6. Love the photos Sarah. I couldn't make this fair but I did finally get down to Wisborough for Love Lane Vintage's fair last month - such inspiring stalls.

  7. Lovely post, thanks for taking us with you!

    Love Claire xx

  8. Love the photos and the vintage fairs!Your photos are a real treat for those of us to far away to enjoy in person...thanks so much

  9. Goodness as if all those lovely spring blooms weren't enough - there's an adorable (and highly covetable) army of dogs! What fun.

  10. Lovely images, thank you for sharing. Nice one of my lamp! Lizzie x (aka The washerwoman)

  11. lovely post love the pictures of the flower show very pretty have a lovely day leon10


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