Monday 22 August 2011

Come and have a gander at a treasure filled day.....

A fairy-tale circus type of day.
On Saturday I went to the Big Smoke, to the East End no less and had a jolly good day sewing and learning and embroidering and making with Jessie Chorley.
Before I go on I should add my thanks to Lynn at Sea Angels who wrote a wonderful piece about one of Jessie's Workshops here. It was reading this lovely post that spurred me on to contact Jessie, so my thanks to Lynn and the amazing serendipity of the blogosphere.

So I set off early doors from the warm summer, glowing Sussex countryside and made my way to London by train. The first glimpse of the London Eye or the Gherkin never fails to send a shiver of excitement.I love to crane my neck to glimpse Tower Bridge and the Tower of London through the snicket in the foreground as you approach London Bridge. I love London, and only now that I no longer work, live here, am I able to see it in all it's majesty again.

Stepping out on to the street at Shoreditch, Redchurch Street to be precise, the first thing I saw was Les Trois Garcons. A sudden rush of memory, this is the most weird and wonderful restaurant. I haven't been here for years and I had quite forgotten all about it! How did that happen? It is extraordinary inside, theatrical and magical and decadent all at once, I was so bowled over the first time I ate here. The food was by no means an after thought either. But still my overwhelming memory is of towers of exotic fruits, crystal chandeliers and stuffed leopards! I urge you to try it!
Still reminiscing about a past life I pass this extraordinary window display of circus curios and toys. I love the grime on the windows it lends an eerie quality. I stupidly didn't look to see what it was!
And on I go to Columbia Road, home of the famous flower market and a lovely enclave of independent makers and dealers.
Love the architecture in this part of London, this is a detail from a wonderful limited edition print by Vic Lee, I have ordered the Columbia Road print, have a look at his work here.
I have been meaning to check this gorgeous emporium out since forever the lettering. But no time to dally I have an appointment here

Any shop with knitted bunting and a bespoke dolls house in the window is absolutely top of my list.
 (I adore the way the houses opposite are reflected in the window.)

Inside is staggeringly lovely.....
 everywhere you turn is another vignette, we sat at this table whilst Jessie showed us her work, WOW! So inspirational, cut story books, journals and fabric story books. Unsurprisingly Jessie has just finished making a batch of her journals for Anthroplologie stores in the US.

 The good news is that Jessie is running some workshops for Christmas! Spaces are limited so don't delay, find out more here. You never know who you might bump into! 

Note to self for next time:
Take my "Auntie Ella"
Write down the names of the creators of lovely Tommy Trinders
Remember to bring a weasel and stoat
Look both ways when crossing the frog and toad

Hello to my fellow work~shoppers and most importantly of all


  1. Goodness me, that looks very exciting! What did you make?
    Hen x

  2. Lovely pictures to go with a day well spent.What an amazing place to have workshops. I checked out Beyond Fabric immediately, great.

  3. ohmyohmyohmy - I have to go in november!! i'm a closet novice embroiderer and have been thinking about making garden journals for a while, this would be so perfect!! how inspiring. xxx

  4. Sounds like a fabulously crafty weekend - some of the best kind!

  5. ooo you have reminded my of trois garcons. I wanted to go there years ago!! looks fab xx

  6. I am so glad you had a good time...isn't it just divine..I am so inspired by Jessie and Buddug and I could move into the shop tomorrow, I am so looking forward to the Christmas workshop...let me know if you go to we could have a quick lunch as well, I was going to combine it with the Country Living Fair but decided that Jessies work shop was enough excitment for any one week-end...I love your pictures too you have captured some super shots of London. Thank you for mentioning my blog too that was really kind xxxxx
    Love Lynn xxxx

  7. Oh WOW! You've introduced me to a world I didn't know about, and it's wonderful! Just wonderful, thank you. A lot to take in too, just full of loveliness! Vanessa xxx

  8. What a totally fab place you have discovered there!
    What did you make, will you share with us?
    Lisa x

  9. Finally, a whole ten days later, I have remembered to look you up! Your blog is wonderful, this post in particular. I've added you to my blog bookmarks on my Mac and will be checking in every day now!

    Your fellow J&B crafter, Lorna x

    p.s. After your little pep talk at Jessie's I have decided to give a blog a go after all. If you have a spare moment visit me at x


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