Monday 2 May 2011

Raven's Perch

Still hung over from the headiness of the most ravishing royal wedding I could not bear to miss a favourite annual event. At the end of April Sarah Raven opens her magical garden at Perch Hill East Sussex. I have been visiting, dare I say religiously! every year since 2006 and love to chart the changes driven both by Sarah and climate.

Some years the tulips have been silky and open and perfect, others they have been tightly closed, too cold to shine. This year they were open to bursting point, bathed in this extraordinarily summery spring.

Never before have I seen such a profusion of blossom, chiming perfectly with Kate's shaggy wild choices in Westminster Abbey.

I will cut my narrative now as I am well aware that I babble on far too long and my picture editing is woeful apologies, I didn't want you to miss a thing!

If you are interested in seeing the garden in previous incarnations click here......and Sarah, if you should ever stumble across my ramblings my highlight is always what treasure awaits in the lovely barn containing your pizza oven! This year the scent was King!

Oh did I mention it was my wedding anniversary this weekend?
And so a little homage to the lovely display in the shop at Perch Hill.....

Sarah xXx


  1. Stunning photos, the garden looks absolutely wonderful. I hope you had a great anniversary weekend.
    Ann x

  2. that looks like the most amazing garden, so many flowers...great photos of it, glad you didn't edit any out!

  3. Happy anniversary! I love your Perch Hill tours, and enjoy it all vicariously.I am chuffed that I happen to have bought from a wholesaler some of the same vases as Sarah has- woo hoo!! Wild Acre and the Raven empire selling the same vases, I feel v proud despite the fact she will sell 100 gadzillion and I will probably sell about 17!! Bxx

  4. What an absolutely stunning garden! Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary!

  5. What a wonderful garden, I'm a fan of Sarah Ravens - I love the colours she puts together.
    I'm so glad you've had such a lovely weekend - Happy Anniversary too.

    Love Diane. x

  6. Stunning garden, wonderful photographs.
    Happy Anniversary.
    Carol xx

  7. Completely stunningly full of lushness!
    Lisa x
    p.s happy anniversary to you and Mr Lane. xx

  8. What a lovely garden to visit. Happy anniversary! By the way the royal wedding was a joy to watch, it left me feeling happy.

  9. Divine! Love seeing Spring in green old England as we head into Winter.

  10. Just STUNNING. One day I'll get there, one day....

  11. What lovely images of a beautiful spot..your weather looks perfect!

    Happy Annivarsary to you! xoxoxo

  12. Wow, great post - so glad you had a lovely day there. I work for SR so I'm a bit biased but it is a lovely place isn't it! I hope you don't mind but I've tweeted this - can I put a link to you on our Facebook account?

    I hope you had a fabulous anniversary.

  13. Hmmm, gorgeous. Great pics, beautiful garden. Particularly love those Tulips, what colours.


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